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Can Google+ Unseat Facebook?

Google’s recent launch of its own social network, Google+, has divided opinions. Google+ network has been designed to operate around what is called a users’ Circles so that people can share information with specific groups within their own personal network, rather than simply sharing with all their connections at once. Furthermore, in a bid to take advantage as what it sees as lapses in most existing social network designs, Google+ emphasises its privacy customisation settings with the hope that granting users more control over what is shared, how and with whom, it can take on the more established social networking sites such as, Facebook and Twitter.

Other features of the Google+ network include functionalities to allow users add their personal interests, group video chat, content sharing via mobile devices and many more. Google hopes to also make good use of its own popularity in order to make it easier for users to connect with Google+ through its newly redesigned (black) navigational bar. For example, users will be able to access their Google+ profile, view notifications and share content with one click, from the search engine’s homepage. However, it remains to be seen whether with the introduction of the Google+ project, the search engine giant can seriously challenge the likes of Facebook and Twitter who are currently dominating the social networking market.

Google+ Project Introductory Video

Google+ Mobile Introductory Video

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Is this the beginning of the end of Facebook or will Google+ be just another futile attempt to replace Facebook?

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  1. I have read on many blogs that the traffic on facebook is decreasing .At this moment introduction of Google + will also decrease the popularity Facebook.

  2. Using their popularity will certainly help them out in advertising their social network.. plus these new schemes for security and privacy, I think google + is going somewhere..

  3. I think the future of Google + is so bright because introducing characteristics . Nowadays there have many social networking site and also user friendly but the feature of Google + is more user friendly as compare to all other sites. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  4. It is very probable that the Google social media offering goes the way of FaceBook which on the surface looks extremely successfull but the reality is the FaceBook platform is loosing half a million users every single month across the world with 100,000 deactivating theit accounts in the UK alone.
    It seems that we really do prefer face to face after all.

    Caroline T

  5. I like the optimism however, it is not always easy for people to transfer all their information to a new social network and also get all their friends to join in a short time.

  6. The Google offering may be a little to late ,reseach is showing that many of the Social media sites are reaching a tipping point.Facebook has 500K users deactivating their accounts gobally every month with 100K of them in the UK alone.Maybe just maybe ,we prefer real human interactions instead.It will be very interesting to see what happens next .Perhaps Googe+ will kickstrat a different way of social interaction online

    Fiona in Paris France

  7. I don’t think it’s going to happen in the next year or two, people will shift to new platform very slowly once the girls start shifting to this new platform

  8. Google’s popularity is helping the google+ to snatch users from the facebook, but it’s less probability that facebook will shut down, it’s fact that facebook is losing users but google+ is not the reason behind it.

  9. I think Google+ may be better than facebook because google’s application are always easy to understand andsimple like Google chrome

  10. I think Google+ is just as bad as facebook in terms of privacy.

    I think society needs to see the end to social networks where you reveal ever bit of information about yourself, only to have it sold to corporations for use in demographics.

    Google+ = Facebook

    Both are bad, there will be no unseating, just more spying.

  11. I think that it will be really tough for Google+ to overtake facebook. There are very similar in my opinion with each network having some advantages over the other. For example, I think the Google+ mobile app is better than the facebook mobile app. However, it will be really tough to take away perfectly happy facebook users. I think Google+ will have to really innovate or Facebook will have to make a mistake for this to happen.

  12. Google+ is still picking up steam after only a month of beta, although it still has aways to go to unseat Facebook, I feel like the publicity it’s getting now makes it a top contender in the social media market.

  13. How many positive comments! Myself, I don’t know, Google was not very successful previously going after social media piece of the business pie.

  14. Google + circle’s aim on increasing users privacy is really getting a lot positive feedbacks. Facebook and twitter may need to upgrade their features, especially that Google + have features that provide big benefits for social media marketing, blog promotion and SEO.

  15. I think Google has a big advantage with the popularity of Android smart phones. If they start selling those with a google+ program on it standard, and leave out the fb program, that will be very good for them. Especially if they find ways to integrate it better with the phone.

    Personally I got sick of Facebook the moment it got mainstream enough for my parents and other older people to join.

    Google circles might help with hiding pictures and stuff from my family haha.

  16. I believe Google+ will be very popular, as it is already becoming. But I don’t know if it’ll completely overthrow Facebook. I think it will take some traffic away from Facebook but I think they will be equally as popular with, maybe, the older generation using Google+ and the younger generation sticking to Facebook. Obviously this is just a theory, only time will tell.

  17. Why does google+ have to defeat Facebook?
    Can’t they both be succesful?
    Google+ more succesful with Computer savy people.
    Facebook more with the hipsters and girly-girls.
    Like Android phones and Iphones.

    1. I disagree Google + is not only for computer savvy people. Perhaps when is private/beta the only people that got invites were computer savvy people but now it is public and everyone can join. Both networks are very simple and elegant.

      However, I have always been a fan of Google and believe they can compete with Facebook. Right now I don’t have too many friends on G+ as opposed to Facebook but once more people start using G+ I will definitely switch over.

  18. Google can certainly unseat facebook.. possibilities are limitless.. Google has proved to be triumphant and chances are high that it will succeed with it’s plans now..

  19. If Google is going to be taking over can they not change their interface every 3 months. I HATE having to relearn how to navigate the darn thing so often.
    I really love Google products and love that they are free… Hope they stay that way.


  20. A few of my friends on Facebook have started using Google + some, too. The feedback that I am hearing so far has been pretty positive. Google has a fairly steep hill to climb to take over, but they seem to be starting out well.

  21. I just created a Google+ account a couple days ago, and while think it has promise, people are creatures of habit. Most of my Facebook friends are really happy with FB. I am thinking it will take an act of a Deity to get them to switch.

    1. Ha ha. I see what you mean Lyndrick. I know a few people who are also very upset about Facebook’s new look profile but still refuse to use any other social networking site.

  22. This is the best info for the user of google and thanks for share with us and, I believe that Google can easily beat Facebook in the near future.

  23. Google+ is indeed a great source of articles, posts, images and so on. However, someone can also argue that Facebook is used in a totally different way when compared to Google+.

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