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5 Common Mistakes By Facebook Users

Unfortunately a number of Facebook users regularly learn the hard way by making avoidable mistakes on Facebook. This is in spite of a number of books and materials available online to guide social media greenhorns such as “Facebook 101”. However, some mistakes are more common than others and the following is a list of some of these Facebook user-errors.

Posting Weird Pictures

Uploading embarrassing pictures is one of the most popular self inflicted dangers of using Facebook. This sort of mistake can lead to all kinds of repercussions for example, loosing your job particularly if you are a public figure. Therefore, avoid posting private and dodgy images of yourself.

Adding Random Friends

It is still quite surprising that some people out there accept every friend request they receive. By confirming Facebook ‘friendship’ without actually knowing the person involved, you might just end up making ban and wrongly informed choices.

Discussing Office Business

Take note of the word used in the title – ‘office’. Official matters are not for the public domain. Many people have lost their job or been forced to tender unexpected resignations in this seemingly harmless way.

Sharing Private Information

There is no secret on social media therefore sensitive information should stay away from your news feed. While these sort of information might appear to be harmless to you, they can actually hurt someone else. So think before you post!

Revealing Whereabouts

Another popular Facebook mistake is declaring your whereabouts or what you are doing particularly if you have something to hide. Sometimes, using social networking sites such as Facebook might seem so simple and harmless such that some users actually forget that their activities may be viewable by others such as an employer.

Talking Point

Can you think of examples or any other common mistakes made by Facebook users?

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  1. like duh?? seems like common sense is what brought these points here.. but I must say that this post is helpful too.. out of the obvious moves for me to protect myself in facebook that were stated here.. I flunked at some like posting wierd pics of myself.. some people might be doing obvious mistakes for out there too..

  2. So true! Another big mistake I’ve seen is status typos… which can make ordinary things seem incredibly hilarious. I had a friend who was cleaning her pantry because it was dirty but her status update said “I’m cleaning my panty… it was so dirty!”

  3. Declaring the whereabouts in FB is one mistake that I really find so incorrect. I don’t know about people who are doing that, but that act can definitely cause them near to crimes. Letting everyone know if you are going on a vacation or you just left your house can be a good thing for thieves whom you do not know may be stalking you in Facebook!

  4. Maximum facebook users are doing all these habits on daily basis. All the points are true and helpful for FB users. Privacy is very important for every human because it secure your in different stages of life. These common mistakes will very danger for FB users.

  5. Completely true, there is no privacy on the internet and by trying to have some fun by posting personal information can actually prove dangerous because we never know what some evil minded people can do with the information you’ve just posted. Facebook is the most effective social networking site and it depends on the users to make it better if not take it down the road.

  6. facebook is growing day by day and has captured good internet market share. so it is getting important to mange and promote the facebook account properly.

  7. i agree with all the points. i saw mostly people try to add as many friends as possible which is wrong and you really declared it right. the post is very useful for Facebook users

  8. Facebook is not a safe place. Though how many times they try to keep it productive and fun, there are still people who use Facebook for their self-interest and worse destroy reputations, exaggerate an issue and cause a commotion like a wildfire.

  9. A relatively new startup called Path was suppose to be the fix for this. They only let you add 50 friends which means you can post without worry that coworkers or bosses see your stuff. I’m not sure how popular it actually is though. Another helpful thing is that you can set custom permission levels for your friends. So, I have one group that can’t see any of my photos.

  10. What I hated most in Facebook is the randomly adding of friends by some users. Imagine you’ll get lots of friends request from unknown individuals. Telling to yourself “Who the hell are you?!” LOL

  11. Facebook kill privacy .Anything we post ,it’s become common.Anyone can read.My friend lost his job due to Facebook.He wrote about his company.And my friend Ajith wrote about teacher’s that teachers failed in GATE exam(Exam in India for M-tech).College suspend him for 2 days…

  12. These point are rather obvious, but you would be amazed at the people who still do these things every day on FB! It’s ridiculous really. I receive forwards a lot of friends with screenshots from Facebook where people reveal the most personal of things, or say the dumbest things…it never ceases to amaze me.

  13. Another big but common Facebook mistake: Spending more than 30minutes a day on facebook.
    (WIth that I mean people who are not making money with it).

  14. I think you already covered all mistakes by Facebook users. Sharing private information is the most alarming mistakes of all. Identity theft is rampant in United States and people should be cautious of the information they entered in Facebook.

  15. hey nice post given an wonderful reason behind this post and i am happy to see post like this. No need to purchase links buy them with your efforts.

  16. Now days Facebook has become a rage, ow its not a website only. Every body is just creating account and publishing their post whatever they want to share without knowing the fact that what should we post or not. I hope those users will get some instruction by this article. Its an excellent post to read.

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