Cloud Computing: A 21st Century Technology You May Be Unfamiliar With

It’s well into the year 2011 and almost everyone is familiar with the Internet, computers and the new methods of communication they provide. Children, parents and even grandparents all use email, Facebook and twitter–albeit with varying degrees of understanding about online etiquette. However, the digital age is far from over and new technologies are continually being developed and refined. One such technology is called cloud computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing allows its clients to connect to a vast network of computers, usually over the Internet. It can be helpful to think of cloud computing in two parts. The front half is what you actually use, which can be almost any computer with Internet access. This computer connects to the back half, or the “cloud” of linked computers, through what is called a “middle ware” program.

Most of the heavy data processing is handled by the cloud, meaning your computer only needs to be powerful enough to run the middle ware, which is usually very basic.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Obviously there are huge potential advantages to having access to the processing power of a large network of computers, particularly for large businesses and research universities, which sometimes require calculations so intricate that it would take a normal computer years to complete.

However, there are still some excellent reasons for small businesses and families to be interested in cloud computing as well. For example, the cost of starting a business is significantly reduced if it only needs to buy streamlined computers. Businesses also benefit from a service called, “software as a service,” which is when a program or application is stored on the cloud allowing anyone in the business access to it.

Not only does this make it easy to set up a new hire with what they need to do their job, it saves the manager the headache of dealing with purchasing new licenses. Also, streamlined computers break less frequently and cost less to fix.

Everyone from businesses to individuals can benefit from another service called, “storage as a service,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Information can be saved to the cloud, which then automatically creates a back up file, effectively securing any important information.

Cloud Computing Concerns

Security is the biggest issue facing most cloud computing companies. After all, how can you be sure your information is safe if you don’t have a copy in your hands? And what if the cloud is hacked? The first question has already been answered in this article–the cloud automatically creates a backup of whatever its clients store. However, the second question is a little harder.

The only real response is that cloud computing companies trade on their reputations for security; it’s essential for them to have the very best Internet security available.

One of the exciting things about technology is that it’s constantly evolving. Like social media, cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize what the average person, or business, requires from a computer.

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Erin is a true writer at heart. She's venturing into the blogging world to test the waters and loves everything about it. Her Twitter handle is @erinscribblez.


  1. Once cloud computing is secured and in mainstream usage, I reckon we will never look back. For Google to be at the forefront of this only strengthens them as a company.

  2. thanks for updated us i had not enough knowledge about cloud computing before reading this article on cloud computing.

  3. cloud computing is really big thing. guess everything will be on the cloud in the near future. this is the reason for me trying to cope with it.

  4. The worry of security is always a big concern. Small to medium sized businesses might be comfortable with cloud computing but the bigger corporations won’t want to put their most data over the web. While it will have its users, I doubt cloud computing will be a mainstream.

  5. Hmm, cloud computing sounds interesting. It has a great potential for businesses. But for now, maybe it is not in its safest version yet. Though I’ll research more about it. Thanks for sharing this info.

  6. It is fact that cloud computing is the king of 21st century and it has a great future though. But awareness in the media and people about it is not as strong as it should be.

    Today, I got good knowledge about it, and I hope that I will gain more information in future.

  7. Hi Erin,
    I think that the idea of cloud computing is great and it is the 21st century technology. Look at apple, they are working on a cloud service resulting in iCloud.
    Regards. Arthur

  8. I have to admit, I need to make some more research on this. But this is really interesting not to mention that this will be a great use to businesses.

  9. Ehm.. to be honest I doubt that Apple iCloud will gain traction anytime soon. In this case it seems Apple was to late to jump on the band wagon to become a cloud provider. Amazon will probably profit from the Cloud the most (as they do already).

  10. I think cloud computing best use for big company with staff and for me as personal user still reailable to use traditional computing

  11. While it will have its users, I doubt cloud computing will be a mainstream. Small to medium sized businesses might be comfortable with cloud computing but the bigger corporations won’t want to put their most data over the web.

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