Security Flaw Puts Internet Explorer Users On Alert


Microsoft has warned users of the popular Internet Explorer Web browser of a critical security flaw that could affect it’s over 900 million users. The recently discovered flaw in the Windows operating system could easily be exploited by computer hackers who want to steal personal details or control computers by proxy. The severe glitch is reported to be related to the Internet Explorer’s support for MHTML files. As the bug lies within the operating system, users of all Windows versions such as XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 are all likely to be affected.

While the flaw does not appear to have been exploited yet, “an attacker could construct an HTML link designed to trigger a malicious script and somehow convince the targeted user to click on it.” Those who comply, run the risk of installing malicious programs on their PC for the remainder of their existing Internet Explorer session. The installed program could then be used to collect user data and perform other malicious activities without the knowledge of the user.

Download Security Patch

As a result, a security patch has been released in an attempt to prevent the bug from being exploited.Windows OS users, particularly those who use Internet Explorer to surf the Web, are advised to download the security patch as soon as possible, until a permanent solution is found. However, the situation is likely to play into the hands of other alternative Web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari who remain unaffected by the bug as they do not support MHTML files.

Interested users should follow this link to download the latest security update.

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What is your preferred Web browser and why?

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  1. My favorite and most preffered browser Google chrome. Google chrome is completely friendly only the security part is a bit dry but on the whole Google chrome browser is the finest one.
    Security patch wont work for it, even i am a window 7 user but after reading the post i am hating windows.

  2. I used Google Chrome and Firefox most of the time. I just check my websites and blogs occasional on Internet Explorer to know how they we come out on Internet Explorer.

  3. The only time I fire up Internet Explorer is to make sure my sites are formatted correctly in IE, since about 70% of users still use IE. Otherwise, my full time browser is Firefox.

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