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LG Launch First 3D Smartphone

LGoptimus2LG has designed the first mobile phone that can capture and view 3D images. The phone, LG Optimus, is said to use a 3D screen  technology that is similar to the new Nintendo 3DS and comes with two rear camera lenses that can capture two views of the same object which can be played back simultaneously on its 3D screen without requiring users wearing 3D glasses. It’s non-requirement of users use of 3D glasses is because the Optimus 3D screen simultaneously broadcasts images captured by both lenses separately to each eye. Furthermore, the screen is covered with a polarising see-through material similar to those used in 3D cinema glasses. As a result, the two sets of images on the screen are separated and diverted to the correct eye, creating a sweet spot of around 20-inches from the screen in order to provide optimal 3D effect.


In addition, in a move to overcome the lack of adequate commercial 3D films and television programmes, LG has also announced a YouTube partnership that will allow Optimus 3D clips to be directly uploaded and shared on the Web. Users will also be able to download and share 3D footage created by other users. There are however some fears about how good the quality of user experience in terms of watching 3D programmes on a small screen will be and whether the market is actually ready for such an innovative technology.

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  1. LG is originally introducing a revolutionary product. Thing that appeals me the most is that one doesnt need to wear any 3D glasses or something. Even though it will not provide 3D clarity on 3D television but for a mini size mobile screen it can hit a very good 3D result. Most importantly, applications for this 3D mobile are going to be very interesting for the users.

  2. This is awesome, a few days ago I’ve read about PlayStation’s smartphone and now LG 3D. I guess in the future we will only need one device to do everything right?

  3. Nice concept, but I don’t really know how much 3D will matter, I have to have one in my hand so I can see it more clearly.

  4. I know this might not be a common though. especially on a tech blog but I am stilling with the worlds most basic small handset that I can use to call people and send texts. I dont want the other functionality creeping into my life!

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