Can Honeycomb – Google’s Latest Android OS – Successfully Challenge The iPad?

androidhoneycombosGoogle has released its latest Android operating system that specifically targets the tablet market with features such as the ability to buy apps from a computer, purchase features inside the app and video chat functionality. According to analysts, the launch of a web-based Android OS version by Google was long overdue if it is to compete properly with Apple as users of previous OS were increasingly finding it difficult to find and purchase apps through the Android market rather than directly through the Web. Now, with the use of the Cloud, users will be able to send apps directly to any Android device within seconds.

Motorola’s Xoom tablet, which will go on sale this month, is expected to become the first product built around the newly released operating system although the price and exact release date are still unknown. Other manufacturers such as LG are expected to then follow suit soon after especially with the upcoming G-Slate tablet. Furthermore, in an sort of attempt to woo developers, Google also released an in-app purchasing system that will allow users to directly purchase upgrades and extras from within applications. While Google does not make its own mobile devices, the fact that it gives its operating systems to manufacturers for free means that it is slowly but surely catching up with the likes of Apple in the smart-phone market. Already, about 145 devices and tablet use the Android operating system.

Talking Point

How close can Google get to Apple in the tablet and smart-phone market?

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  1. Google’s Android operating system, This honey comb would surely replace Apple as Google understands the needs of computer & internet users. Google provided some very useful elements like Flash which Apple lacks, very friendly easy Interface, Cameras and most importantly big piece of Ram to Faster Cameras, cool Dual-Core Processor.

  2. I think once more people start developing apps for honeycomb it will take off and pass apple. Its hard for apple to compete when it is going against so many other companies with the same software.

  3. I think it will be surely challenging and I would say Google’s can be much better. But let’s see what happens in future.

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