Play Games With The Right Smell

A software developer has invented a device, ScentScape, that plugs into computers or games consoles and emits a variety of odours when playing a game. The device which was created to increase the interaction experience of users and make gaming more creative has been programmed in such a way as to release ‘appropriate’ smells during game time. For example, the smell of pine comes out of its filter when a character is crawling around a forest, or that of the seaside when at sea. The ‘personal scent delivery system, comes with around 20 pre-loaded smells and has been designed to respond to exactly what is taking place on the TV or computer screen.

Wait, there is a twist! Apart from its pre-loaded smell, the device has an in-built editing feature that makes it possible for gamers to make their own scents and share with other users. It also comes with a volume setting so that users can control the amount of fumes emitted from the device.The developers hope that by combining smell with vision, the digital scent delivery system will provide an extra dimension to gaming, entertainment and other consumer markets such as home videos and other applications.

How to Use ScentScape

Using the device is incredibly easy. All the user has to do is to connect the plug-n-play unit to a compatible PC or gaming console ‘for the instant experience of sight, sound and smell’.  The device is expected to go on sale later this year.

Talking Point

At a price of $69.99 (£44), would ScentScape be a welcome addition to your gaming experience?

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  1. ScentScape definitely sounds like a fun idea. Especially with the popularity of Xbox Kinetics, the Wii, and other 3D experience games of today I think this device will be a hit when it’s released later this year. I like the fact that gamers can make their own scent.

    $69.99 seems a little too expensive for me but I’m sure there are people willing to pay that much. So I would make this a welcome addition to my gaming experience, but I wouldn’t pay over $30 for it. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. This is an interesting concept. It really could draw the gamer into the game. I would be interested in how people can ‘create’ their own scents.

    At $69.99, I think it would be a little much for me. I don’t know that others would be willing to spend that much on smells. Still very interesting product!

  3. This seems a revolutionary product for gaming world. Scent according to the game can grab the game player’s attention. This product is a gift for all gaming lovers and scent editing feature is the biggest benefit of this product.

  4. That is real coolest device for the gaming community, but I dobt if it would be popular among high limits online poker players especially when playing high stakes poker games.
    Regards. Tanya

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