MSN Hotmail Users Report Missing Emails and Folders

The old MSN Hotmail inbox
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Many MSN Hotmail users have reported finding empty inboxes and missing folders after logging onto their Web accounts. The problem was brought to attention following several complaints on Microsoft online forums from users who reported that their emails have been deleted and folders missing from their accounts. There are already reports of many worried users who are desperate to track their messages, documents and pictures from the service. This perhaps is a reminder of the importance of making regular backups and having copies of vital information or resources stored elsewhere, in a safe location. Also, Hotmail users need to be weary of scammers who might want to take advantage of the situation by sending bogus emails that pretend to be from MSN regarding suspended accounts.

At the moment, it is not yet clear if the problem is as a result of a technical glitch or if it is associated with hackers. Microsoft spokeswoman, Catherine Brooker, has however apologised to customers and reassured users that the problem of missing e-mails was not widespread. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also confirmed that they are aware of the problem and working on a solution. According to ComScore, MSN’s free Hotmail service is currently the world’s most used e-mail provider with over 360 million active users. Although it is not clear how many users were affected and the impact this situation will have on potential and existing users of the service.

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Were you affected by the email disruption?

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  1. I logged onto Hotmail this morning and saw an empty inbox… I dunno what happened but I expect this to be fixed by end of today or else I’m switching to Gmail.

  2. It’s impossible to sign in neither in MSN Messenger, neither HOtmail.
    Does anyone know WHEN this problem gonna be solved??

    It’s so frustrating…

  3. Unfortunately a lot of people rely too much on online services without taking responsibility for their own data, wherever possible. The importance of making regular backup comes to mind.

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