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  1. That is a great update, I think that security on the internet is growinf more and more important and big name sites like facebook need to lead us into a more secure decade of internet browsing.

  2. I think Facebook is definitely taking some important steps towards getting rid of their security issues, but I just have a hard time believing that the HTTPS secured connection is going to be able to stop hackers from having their way with Facebook.

    Also, why is Facebook offering it as a default setting, shouldn’t it be a mandatory setting so their users privacy can be safe? Hopefully this at least helps slow down the amount of security problems happening with Facebook. Thanks for the update.

    1. I think the issue this addresses is it was easy to capture unsecure cookies and forge the login when people were sitting in open / public wireless access points. So yes having people use https does stop a lot of login credential capturing.

  3. This post is gift for all those people who use net cafes. Security parameters are very good for users to manage their accounts.

  4. Facebook always picks the best for its site and user. I think this security feature is best one ever. There is a huge amount of users who use Facebook from different places on regular basis. It can be the most comfy feature designed for them.

  5. My cousin was actually telling me about this the other day. I swear he’s the unofficial mayor of the network sometimes. Though, at home, I noticed that I can’t see either HTTP or HTTPS on Google Chrome. I’ve managed to set the setting to “secure when possible” but how do I know if it’s working or not on the engine?

  6. This article is a gift for everyone, something that will sure help you stay online on Facebook a long time. I always check the links when login somewhere, there must be the original domain and/or https at the beginning of the link – https meaning http + secured. There are a lot of scam websites out there on the internet that can’t wait to hack your accounts, steal your passwords and maliciously use your emails, profiles to sell things, spam and so on. We must be as careful as possible when login-in into a website. Great article, thank you !

  7. We’re glad that facebook have this kind of security features for the users. It is for our safe web browsing. Also, twitter do have this. Thanks for this information. I will check the box in my facebook account.

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