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Facebook Valued At $50bn

Following Facebook’s confirmation that it has raised $1.5bn from investors, the world’s most popular social networking site is now valued at around $50bn. The investments, which makes Facebook worth more than both eBay and Time Warner, came from Goldman Sachs and Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies who contributed $1bn and $500m respectively. This result is a major boost for an organisation which many feared would be unable to turn its popularity into a strong and competitive business that can stand the likes of Google. Today, Facebook continues to perform excellently and has now established itself as a major challenger to Google on the Web.

The deal which originally surfaced earlier this month, could prepare the way for the organisations initial public offering (IPO) with Facebook expected to pass 500 shareholders at some point this year. If or When that happens, the organisation plans to filing public financial reports by the end of April 2012.

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Would you consider investing in Facebook if or when it decides to go ‘public’ by 2012?

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    1. I use FB for advertising, there are so many people that we can reach out to on their, and you can drill down to your exact target demographic

      1. Actually, I could even go further and say Facebook advertising has actually been underrated by many although I believe that won’t be for long with more positive reviews like yours.

  1. Wow, I’m just shocked that Facebook is worth more than both eBay and Time Warner. That definitely came out of nowhere if you ask me because it wasn’t too long ago when Facebook wasn’t that popular.

    Facebook can definitely stand the likes of Google now, and when it goes public in April 2012 they are going to keep getting bigger. It looks like Facebook is heading in the right direction. I would definitely invest in Facebook when it does decide to go public.

  2. I used to think that FB was massively overvalued until I started looking more deeply at what they’re doing. Through applications of social theory, they are combining all the things that are important to people through one central space. They really should call if lifebook. I hear they are developing several FB phones that will push the limits of personalization.

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