Virgin Launches ‘Project’ – an iPad-only Magazine

ipadprojectVirgin has launched what they describe as “the “first truly digital” magazine for the Apple iPad. The publication, which has been named Project, will be a monthly style and culture magazine, available via Apple’s App store. The Project magazine will feature sight (video) and sound (audio), as well as read-more links for latest news and information.

The debut of the iPad-only magazine’s comes at a similar period as Rupert Murdoch’s News corporation expected launch of The Daily – a digital iPad newspaper. While both organisations may not be directly competing against one another, this development brings to attention the proliferation of digital news and media in this century. It also reveals that multi-national news and media organisations are somewhat concerned and are thinking of ways to counter increased competition from free content on the Internet. Whilst the success of these ventures might depend on the quality and uniqueness of their articles and information, it remains to be seen whether the concept will resonate with iPad users.

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Will you pay for an online iPad Newspaper or Magazine?

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  1. I checked out Project this past week and the articles are pretty decent. The blog sort of sucks big time, but presumably once more writers hop on board, and they find their voice, that’ll change.

  2. This Magazine is surely fun, i can get this only from Apple apps store? I have ipad which works amazing and great i got this one from a wholesale supplier and planned to sell it cause i thought to wait for updated one “ipad2” but i came to know For their next edition of this magical device Apple ordered back light units and they will be used in conjunction with LCD displays. that means iPad 2 won’t sport an AMOLED display since AMOLED’s dont use backlights.

  3. While an Ipad-only magazine sounds fascinating, I have some reservations as to how Project can be sustained.

    First, let us state the facts. I went to iTunes to get more information about the magazine. Subscription costs $2.99 (I’m not sure if this is monthly or article-based subscription).

    Project is a magazine that talks about international culture, entertainment, design, business and travel. Articles about these topics are available online for free. I have not seen the content yet but from my impression, Project doesn’t seem appealing enough. When a similar and more popular magazine becomes an app, Project might lose its readers.

    The web is teeming with interesting articles. I can name a few that I could read on my spare time. The strength of Project is in its format and multimedia function. However, with a tablet war that is beginning to eclipse Ipad’s sunshine, how will the magazine go on when the Android finally cuts deep into IOS’s base?

  4. Nice, but I’d like to see developers start creating magazine apps for other mobile operating systems. Android is coming out with a lot of tablets this year, one of them being the Notion Ink Adam. Blackberry and windows are even coming out with tablets too…Let’s see some magazines for all of those!

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