Twitter Introduces Promoted Tweets In Users’ Personal Timelines

promotedtweetsWhen Twitter launched Promoted Tweets in April 2010, it outlined plans to roll them out gradually: first in search on, then in search through partners, and eventually in the user timeline. Having recently completed the first two phases, the world’s most popular micro-blogging site has began including advertising, in the form of  Promoted Tweets, in its users’ timelines. The Promoted tweets will be added to users’ personal profiles depending on who they follow and what they are interested in. The paid-for tweets which previously, only appeared in the Website’s search function, can be differentiated from normal tweets by the label Promoted.

Furthermore, there are reports that advertisements will soon appear on the Website’s home page when visited by users, also depending on their personal interests. In the first few months of implementation, Twitter plans to observe user-reactions after the Promoted Tweets have become fully functional so as not to alienate its users. At present, one can only guess what the reactions will be particular from those who believe advertising will interfere with their positive experiences on the Website. Eventually, Twitter hopes that by introducing Promoted Tweets to a wider audience, it will experience an increase in revenue particularly from advertising organisations, after its recent successes.

Talking Point

How will the introduction of Promoted Tweets (advertisements) affect your use of Twitter?

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  1. I’m still gonna use Twitter.. since there already are many tweets I see everyday I ignore. In fact, I think most users already have “tweet blindness”… since so many tweets are useless.

  2. Thanks for your interesting Twitter Update.
    When I open -New Twitter-, I see -Trends- on the right and for example -#BCS (Promoted)- what does that mean? Is this the advertisement placed in the timeline or another kind of adds?

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