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Facebook Plans Mobile Domination

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Facebook has outlined a strategy that it hopes will help it dominate in mobile phones as much as it does in social networks. The strategy, which was revealed at an event at its Palo Alto office, includes making the mobile phone experience more social and offering shopping discounts to users via businesses who will be encouraged to offer various deals to mobile phone users. Already, Facebook has partnered with 22 major retailers such as, H&M, Starbucks and MacDonalds with similar campaigns also being run with Gap – a clothing company – which recently offered a free pair of jeans to the first 10,000 users who check in to their local Gap store via the Facebook Places mobile application.

Furthermore, in a bid to add to the over 200 million users of Facebook across various mobile platforms, the world’s most popular social network has revealed plans for a single sign-on that will allow its users to log in to other mobile phone applications with their Facebook username and password in addition to offering third-party developers the opportunity to add a social layer to their applications.

Considering the fact that research shows Mobile device users to be twice as active on Facebook as computer users, this, perhaps is an indication, to other Internet companies, of the vast potential that lies in the widely untapped and growing mobile market. Already, analysts have estimated that mobile advertising revenue in the U.S. will rise from $320m in 2009 to around $3.1bn in 2013 – a prediction that should certainly make many stand up and be counted.

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With a significant increase in users of Facebook mobile from 65 million to over 200 million in the last 12 months, do you think the social-networking Website has what it takes to be as domineering in mobile phones as it is in social network? If not, who will be its biggest challenger?

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  1. It’s quite interesting how Facebook always seems to divide opinions yet so many people still use it. For example, I know someone who practically detests Facebook however, he recently abandoned his Flickr account for a Facebook profile because he claims that all his friends are on Facebook and that is the only way he can get them to see his photos.

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