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Facebook Introduces New Messaging System

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Facebook has launched a new messaging system modeled on instant messaging that will send messages to users no matter how they are using the social networking site. According to founder, Mark Zuckerberg, the system which was triggered by the need to cope with the increasing number of messages sent by millions of Facebook users everyday, “will handle messages across all the ways you want to communicate”. While the new system is “not an email killer, it includes email as part of it”. It will bring together four separate messaging types – SMS, Instant Messaging, email and Facebook chat.

The system focuses on three main points: seamless integration across multiple communications channels, a single conversation history, and a “social inbox” for filtering messages. Focused more on chat, the new interface does not include subject lines or cc fields.  Instead, it unifies conversations that are happening through SMS, chat, email or Facebook messages. It also sorts messages, prioritises notes from close contacts while moving the remainder into an “Other” folder.

Furthermore, users can also use an optional @facebook.com email address. Rather than forcing users to make use of separate systems to communicate and send messages, the messaging system will work out the best way to get a message across to the recipient through a “policy-engine” thank knows how they prefer to be contacted. It remains to be seen what users’ reactions will be and how it will fare with other traditional email services such as Hotmail (361 million worldwide users), Yahoo Mail (273 million) and GMail (193 million) but at first glance the new product does not appear to be a game changer as earlier predicted by some Web analysts.

The product is expected to roll out slowly over the next few months on an invite-only basis with messages sent out to users to try it.

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Are you excited by news of Facebook’s new messaging system? Would you get a – @facebook.com – email address?

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  1. Facebook email seems like a great idea and I’m sure it will become a hit. The current messaging within Facebook is already very intuitive and the new email system will most likely be just as easy to use. I don’t think it will ever replace Gmail but will definitely be a nice addition.

  2. Number of users of Facebook is increasing day by day,a new messaging system will add an extra flavour to facebook, the environment,features of facebook are mindblowing,a new messaging system will help more and more facebook users to communicate with others in an easy way..

  3. I personally think that the new messaging system by facebook won’t be a big hit unless it’s something very revolutionary. An Instant Messenger by facebook would be cool as the current chat system has several problems with it. While chatting, all of a sudden the person goes offline and then comes online and this continues. People are already communicating via hotmail, gmail etc. Let’s see how do they respond to this new gigg.

  4. This is a new and good service from facebook. The competition between market leaders are increasing. It is assumed that facebook will beat google in search engine marketing.now facebook have started the mailing service. In the end , users are going to be beneficiary for all these developments.

    1. Social networks and search engines are not the same things. How can social network beat search engine? First one created for communication, and the second one created to search something. They are in different parts of market – different goals, different results.
      Facebook can kill Google only if it would develop its own quality search engine (to search both FB content and whole internet).

  5. with every coming day facebook is planning something bigger so that they can keep on holding the top of Social Media Networking. I like this update that can hold 4 different communication ways at the same time.

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