China’s Tianhe-1A Is World’s Most Powerful Computer

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China’s Tianhe-1A has been crowned the most powerful computer in the world. The supercomputer came first out of 500 other supercomputers, with a top speed of 2.57 petaflops which is much higher than second place XT5 Jaguar’s 1.76 petaflops. The latest list of the world’s top 500 supercomputers also shows changes in the technology used in powering the machines and countries hosting the most powerful ones.

The Tianhe-1A is located at China’s National Supercomputer Centre in Tianjin with much of its processing power from chips similar to those found in graphics cards. While four of the top 10 super computers are also designed around graphics processors, second placed US XT5 Jaguar is built around the more traditional CPUs, similar to those found in desktop computers.

Complete List of Top Ten Supercomputers

  1. Tianhe-1A – 2.57 petaflops
  2. XT5 Jaguar – 1.76 petaflops
  3. Nebulae – 1.27 petaflops
  4. Tsubame 2.0 – 1.19 petaflops
  5. XE6 Hopper – 1.05 petaflops
  6. Tera 100 – 1.05 petaflops
  7. Roadrunner – 1.04 petaflops
  8. Kraken XT5 – 0.83 petaflops
  9. Jugene – 0.82 petaflops
  10. Cielo – 0.81 petaflops

Overall, while the United States dominance in the Top 10 list has reduced, with only five machines, it maintains its position as the country with the most supercomputers in the Top 500 list with 275 machines.

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  1. We should learn from the Chinese if Chinese products are all over the world. Surveys conducted on such countries can always help other countries as well. A country inventing the world’s most powerful computer definitely needs to be studied by all of us.

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