Send and Receive Email Alert for WordPress Posts in Pending Review Status

If you are the administrator of a multi-author blog that uses a WordPress platform, you may find the following plugin useful. WP-Status Notifier allows multi-author blog administrators to receive email alerts whenever an author or blog contributor submits a post for review. When a submitted article is marked as “Pending for review” in WordPress, WP-Status Notifier takes up the responsibility of sending an email alert which shows that a post has been marked for review and it is in the ”Pending for review” status, thus eliminating the need to check regularly for pending posts.

Key Features

  1. No need to manually check if any post has been submitted for review or not.
  2. The notification email contains a link for edit or approval of the post.
  3. It does not require any database access.
  4. Adds negligible overhead.
  5. You can configure the settings simply without knowing any PHP language.


  • Download the plugin from here.
  • Extract the zip file and upload to your /wp-content/plugin directory.
  • Log-in to your WordPress admin panel and activate the plugin.


  • Click on “Status notifier” from Settings menu.
  • You will get a form in which you will have to enter the email address where you want the alert email sent to.
  • Save Settings

wordpress status notifier

By default WP-Status Notifier automatically grabs your email address from your profile however, you can change it if you desire or enter multiple email addresses, separated by comma. Optionally, you can also send an email to the contributing author to inform him or her about the moderation status i.e. whether the post has been approved or declined.

Therefore, if you have many authors or contributors, you will certainly find WP-Status notifier quite useful when it comes to making you aware of their submission(s). I have multiple authors in my site and I use this plugin. What about you?

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Tanmay is the owner and admin of TechTipsGeek blog. He likes to write about Windows, Linux, OS Hacks and WordPress tutorials. You can follow him on Twitter @techtipsgeek.


  1. Thanks for sharing this plugin, it is extremely of good use and certainly will make web log administrators quite simple.
    if you are so beneficial to individuals deploying it. You seriously rock
    Great plugin.

  2. Good find! This plugin can make things a lot simpler.
    It will also help for a fast review. Some people keep on checking the cpanel every hour.But some people only do that once a day. But with this they know they should go and look.
    Really useful.

  3. Thanks for posting this plugin. I’ve been searching for something like for a LONG time now, and am somewhat surprised this critical function hasn’t been built into the system by now! This tool will make it a lot easier to do my job.

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