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Lady Gaga Sets New YouTube Record

ladygagaLady Gaga has beat Justin Bieber to set a new record for YouTube as the first person to have over one billion total views on the World’s most popular video sharing Website. This means that Gaga is now the most popular living person on Facebook (21,399,016 fans), Twitter (6,916,159 followers) and now YouTube. With Bieber getting about 3.7 million views per day compared to Gaga’s 1.8 million, TubeMogul predicted that both singers would be the first entertainers to cross the one billion YouTube views mark.

According to Internet research company –, Lady Gaga currently has over 1,002,734,757 views closely followed by Justin Bieber (who currently holds the record for most views of a single video on YouTube at 367,025,875) with around 967 million hits. These numbers were greatly contributed to by Gaga’s Bad Romance with 291 million views and Bieber’s Baby, which has around 353 million views which is perhaps a great indication indication of the power and effect of social media in music and entertainment today. This is even more so since the advent of the Internet as fans across the globe can actively promote an artist via repeated viewings and sharing videos with friends.

Other Internet records held by Lady Gaga include the most followed person on Twitter and the first living artist to break the 20 million Facebook fans barrier.

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Why are celebrities and politicians the most popular on social networking Websites?

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  2. Congratulations to both Justin and Lady Gaga…they are great and very famous entertainers not just in USA but all over the world…

    I still love Justin though more than Lady Gaga…

  3. The entertainment industry is forever changed by social media, especially YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Entertainers who embrace social media will have the world at their fingertips…Justin Bieber was unheard of 1 year ago and now has been watched almost 1 billion times.

    The top ten YouTube videos of all time with Bieber, Lady Gaga and others is listed here for those who are interested:

  4. Over 1 billion views…and that was Oct. 10!!! That girls a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
    Even though she keeps getting press for being drunk at Yankee game’s, that Gaga still kicks it out and puts tons of songs at the top of the top 100 songs list.
    I don’t know what she has…but she has it!

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