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  1. This feature surely gonna bring a smile on d faces of the users who check their account at cafes,airport,hotels etc.This gonna act as a barrier 2 the misuse of accounts,thnks 4 d blog.

    1. I think the 20 minutes refers to how long the temporary password will be valid for and not how long you can be logged into Facebook. This will ensure that the same password cannot be used again after that particular period but users who are logged in can obviously continue to browse as long as they like.

  2. I never new Facebook had a temporary password feature. With U.S. only option, does this mean the user has to be located in the U.S. when using it, or have a U.S. mobile phone account? If it is the first option, then travelling-abroad U.S. citizens won’t be able to use that feature.

  3. I think this is a great feature. One of my friends had his FB account hacked by logging in in a public airport computer. I knew ’cause I got a message from him asking me for $50 to loan.. I got suspicious and called him, and asked Why? needless to say he was in for a surprise 🙂

  4. This sounds like a good idea. I am curious how many people will actually use the temporary password to log in.

    I like the remote log out feature. That will definitely come in handy to many people. There have been times when I forgot to log out of an account on a public computer and this feature would definitely give me peace of mind.

  5. I didn’t even know this option exists.
    If you want to be safe and not get your account hacked then just don’t use it on a public pc. Is it really that important that people have to check their facebook through the day?

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