Google Instant’s Blacklisted Words

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Google search engine’s latest innovation technology that allows users to search for information in real time does not come without its own challenges. For example, how do you prevent children from seeing adult related content while conducting a live search? Howbeit controversial, the solution, it appears, is by restricting a group of search terms so that they do not function with the new instant search feature.

Consequently, users will not be exposed to viewing pornographic, hate, violent or disturbing results when conducting searches. This means that inasmuch as Google Instant was designed to simplify search and make finding information quicker on Google, no one will see results deemed to be offensive in nature by the Google team, unless they want to. Users will therefore have to hit enter to confirm a search query once Instant search stops delivering new results due to these restrictions.

Examples of Google Instant’s blacklisted words include: “bisexual”, “lesbian”, “xX”, “webcAm”, “barely Legal”, “are”, “amaTeur” and many more. Interested readers can find a complete list of Google blacklist words on the 2600 Website. Meanwhile, Google’s SafeSearch algorithm, which can filter out potentially offensive results, still applies to Instant search results.

Talking Point

Is the purpose of Google Instant defeated by censoring and omitting certain words from the new feature?

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  1. Interesting topic. Google instant search has become a pretty convenient feature. I still wind up hitting enter often though especially when working on SEO.

    I’m glad that Google filters out offensive material. It’s good for the kids.

  2. It seems like Google is defiantly getting more clever and evolving more, that is probably why it is the most popularist search engine. I do not get why the word “are” is blacklisted?

  3. This was really interesting and for me, Google Instant is very helpful. it can show the result of your search without hitting the enter or clicking the search button. It was also a good news to hear that their is already a word filter in Google search. It is true that it can help many kids to keep away on all the porn sites and unusual scenes found in the world wide web. For me, Its a great transformation for Google. Nice blog and have a nice day.

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