How to Adjust to a New Smartphone

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It is generally agreed that buying a smart-phone could improve one’s life in many different ways. While the iPhone has dominated the smart-phone market, switching from Switching from iPhone to Android seems to be in vogue nowadays. However, it is not always easy to change handsets, let alone operating systems as many former iPhone users are finding out now. Depending on the user, the learning curve may be quite steep, confusing and frustrating.

Fortunately, one of the main attractions to Android (2.1) is in its usability meaning that once you understand how to use the device, other aspects will be easy to learn. The following are some of the steps you have to take in order to make adjusting to your new smart-phone a lot easier.

  1. Be patient. Set aside a day to read the manual and learn how the phone actually works. Most times, many simply assume that all phones operate in basically the same way, however, that is not always the case.
  2. Personalise it. Configure the phone settings to be suitable for your personal use and habits.
  3. Carry a spare battery or charger with you. This is quite important as a friend of mine discovered after purchasing the HTC Droid Incredible, he actually had to disable some of the additional functions on his Android phone so as to minimise power consumption and make the battery could last longer.
  4. Use to get your apps. AppBrain provides a medium for you to find, update and manage apps in the Android Market so that you can manage them on your phone.
  5. Forget about your iPhone. You have to accept that you may have to do without some of the functionalities you are accustomed to on your old phone and learn to use other tools.

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Are you one of those who prefer Android smart-phones to iPhone? If so, why?

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  1. I like the calendar program and being able to sync with the computer, i need IR or Bluetooth, I really need the e-mail function, contact management and/or storage is a must, must have a decent camera, video is good as well, being able to customize the phone is great, I need a Qwerty pad for texting, love the ability to surf with it, decent battery is nice but extended time is not necessary, touch pad is awesome and I am ok with either Palm or Windows OS.

  2. Great information. One of the things most people hate is change. Hopefully the pointers you have mentioned should make it easier for people who decide to change this phones.

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