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  1. – Pretty obvious, but make sure you log-off if you’re on a public computer.

    – Don’t set your password to something obvious you can find in your Facebook or personal homepage.

    – Don’t assume if someone calls you and says they’re from your bank, it’s true.. same with text messages.. this is actually a pretty sneaky trick they’re doing nowadays

  2. I think most online banking sites are fairly secure these days. Just make sure to read what each site offers to make sure your banking is secure. I would avoid doing online banking from wireless locations as well.

  3. I also would like to add that to ensure that the website is secured you have to check the url. It should be “https” rather than “http”. Https is another protocol primarily developed with secure transaction in mind.

  4. Good guide. Make sure passwords are over 8 characters (Preferably 12 to 15 characters), and you have good antivirus and antimalware programs installed like malwarebytes, superantispyware or microsoft security essentials.

  5. I use 2 computers one computer just for online baking and brokerage account. The other computer i use for surfing the internet and emails. I aso would not use free wifi at any place to do online banking.

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