Breast Cancer Website Predicts Survival Chances

A new Website, called Predict, has been launched in the UK to help patients of breast cancer predict their survival chances. The Website has been designed to provide better accuracy when users input data such as their age, how the tumour was detected (e.g. through screening or finding a lump), width of tumour and the grade of cancer. After input, the system displays a prediction of the likelihood of survival for the next 5 to 10 years plus any extra benefits that can be gained from drug treatment.

predict tool breast cancer survival

The online tool was developed by a team led by Professor G. Wishart at Cambridge University Hospital’s breast unit and is available to Doctors and Patients for free. The group plans to regularly update the site as more information becomes available and emphasises that it is still “important for patients to work with their specialist to choose the right drug treatment following breast cancer surgery”.

Meanwhile, Predict comes just as a pill, hailed by some as “cancer’s penicillin moment”, that rapidly shrinks the most deadly skin cancer tumours was revealed. The drug, called PLX4032 is said to be the first cancer pill to use results from the full decoding of human DNA, and has already produced ‘spectacular’ trial results. Researchers hope that new gene-targeting drugs such as the PLX4032 will result in better treatment for patients.

Talking Point

Would you trust a computer-based diagnostic and prognostic system to assess a medical condition?

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  1. I would. Humans are very prone to errors and misjudgement, but then again it’s easy for me to sit here and say that when I don’t have cancer. But objectively speaking, if the software is bug-free, and reliable, there’s no reason not to trust a computer over a human.

  2. I think the best thing is to see a cancer specialist for a prepare diagnostic and treatment of any cancer, a computer-based diagnostic and prognostic system may not be 100% correct sometime. To be on a saver side a specialist need to be consulted.

  3. It is important for patients to work with their specialist to choose the right drug treatment following breast cancer surgery. If you are only going to get a very small benefit from chemotherapy, then you have to weigh that up against all the toxicity and all the possible side effects of that treatment.

  4. I can see how this can be viewed as a good idea but i think that even though it does have a lot fo parameters that need to be filled out, surely with something as complex as cancer there has got to be many factors that are undefined which a computer program cannot be aware of.

    It just seems thought it may be taking the whole online self medicating trend a bit too far for me.

  5. There is nothing wrong with a site like that, although yeah it might be a bit impersonal when delivering bad news.
    But you should never solely trust the results of a site like that. This is not a situation to take lightly so you should still consult with a specialist.

    Haven’t heard anything about PLX4032 anymore.

  6. This helps several women out there to be aware if ever they are about to have a breast cancer. By knowing breast cancer in its early stage, it will really helps that it can be cured than knowing it at peak stage where no drugs can cure. Let us post this piece of information to facebook pages to help several women today.

  7. By understanding breasts cancers in its initial phase, it will really allows that it can be treated than understanding it at peak level where no drugs can cure. Let us post this piece of information to facebook or myspace pages to help several females today.

  8. I don’t know what to say because you can’t be sure if a website such as the one mentioned above can predict survival chances. It seems to be a lottery of feelings and the result can be disappointing. I believe that a specialist need to be consulted!

  9. My personal instincts would have said no I read an in depth study of a New York doctor putting in guidelines to diagnose heart problems in the Emergency room that made me change my mind. They proved that following the questionnaire (which could be done by a computer) was more accurate than the subjective diagnoses of the doctors.

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