An Overview of the New iPod Touch

Here are some of the most advanced features of the latest iPod Touch which could help current users make up their mind whether or not to replace their old iPod Touch with the new one..

Face Time

The iPod Touch’s Face Time feature can connect to a similar iPod touch or the iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. It’s two camera’s provide two different view (one on the front, which focuses on the user and one on the back) that makes it possible to switch between both views at any time during a video call.

HD Videos

Videos can be recorded and edited in high-definition with its 720 HD video camera. Users can edit and create mini-blockbusters using its new iMovie app while an advanced backside illumination sensor makes it possible to capture video in high- or low-light settings.

Retina Display

This provide new iPod Touch users with the highest-resolution iPod screen yet, with four times the pixel count of previous iPod models. It improves the user-experience by making graphics and images sharper and text crispier than ever.

Game Centre

The iPod Touch’s new Game Centre app makes it possible to add more players to a user’s gaming network by inviting friends to join. Furthermore, users can automatically play with other users in a multi-player game, view score ranks and compare game achievements.

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  1. I would want to take advantage of the high definition videos most of all.. i have an iPhone but never use it for texting and stuff i just enjoy playing videos with the gadget even while lying down at any places”, good retina display”,

  2. There is some positive material here in An Overview of the New iPod Touch . Do you do any alternate themes other than posts similar to this? I would wish to encounter some stuff regarding how instant it could happen and what is the most versatile means to organise. A post a day keeps the remarks flowing.

  3. Also, the new ipod touch has built-in cameras. The rear camera is capable of high resolution photos and HD video however it doesn’t have a built-in flash which limits its functionality when taking photos in dark places.

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