7 Reasons Why Bloggers Get Less Traffic From Yahoo and MSN

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Most bloggers or Webmasters observe that majority of their traffic comes from Google which suggests that their site carries much less weight in other search engines. So then, have you ever wondered why you get fewer visitors from other search engines such as, Yahoo, Ask and Bing? I often wondered as well and after doing some Web-based search, present some of my findings in this article as follows.

  1. The use of domain extension and IP address location by Google (for example,, .in, .fr, .ca and so on) as opposed to the use of singular domain extensions (usually .com) by other search engines.
  2. Other search engines such as Yahoo do not value blogs in the same way as Google does due to the enormous amount of blogs that feature Google Adsense adverts.
  3. Google tends to index Web pages faster than other search engines hence it might take longer for sites submitted to for example, site explorer to show up on search result pages.
  4. Most other search engines place more emphasis on on-page SEO rather than inbound links.
  5. Yahoo operates a paid directory service for businesses hence more emphasis may be placed on registered Yahoo directory users.
  6. Yahoo ranks Websites based on keywords in domain name, title and description.
  7. Directory listings in respectable online directories such as DMOZ and Looksmart as well as the keywords used in the directory structure are usually very highly rated.

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive but by giving them a little more attention, you can be sure to boost your chances of increasing Web traffic from Yahoo, MSN/Bing and other search engines.

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What is your top 5 traffic generating search engines?

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  1. I will give more attention of this reasons and see if it will improve my traffic from other major search engines. My top 4 traffic generating search engines include: Google, Bing, yahoo and Ask.

  2. Most of my traffic comes from Google. I rank well for some main keywords in Yahoo and Bing and get hardly any traffic from them which makes me think that most people are using Google anyway so I concentrate my SEO efforts on the most popular search engine. I totally agree though that Google LOVES blogs, especially WordPress 😉

  3. I also often wonder why websites have fewer visitors from other Search Engines than Google.
    When I read your Web-based search I was enlightened.

    Now, I understand.
    Thank you for the valuable information.

  4. That is also my problem, I hardly get traffic in Yahoo that’s why I stumble upon to this site to look for a solution to increase my traffic in yahoo and now I understand why I have more traffic from google than yahoo.

  5. Google, Yahoo and Bing. That’s my top traffic generating search engines. However, I might have to focus on Bing these days because my rankings are really bad. By the way, thanks for sharing this info. Now i know why other i’m ranking well in Google compared to other engines.

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