Yahoo Launches Top Flight Football Highlights

Manchester United 2 Inter Milan 0 Mar 11th 2009
Image by 99 James Kieran Nguyen via Flickr

Yahoo has taken over from Virgin as the owners of the UK Internet clip rights in a three-season multi-million pound deal from 2010 to 2013. This means that football fans who want to watch highlights of the Barclays Premier League Football matches that involve teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham, on the Internet can now do so on Yahoo’s highlight service.

Furthermore, Yahoo also own the rights to syndicate all or part of the Premier League highlight content to third parties in the United Kingdom. Already, the global Internet firm has attracted video advertising form multi-national corporations such as Adidas, Heineken, BT and Sony Pictures. It is hoped that these clips will attract not only advertisers but football supporters and followers to use the Website even more.

Fans can expect to watch football clips from top-flight weekend games online after midnight on Monday morning while midweek matches can be viewed on the Internet  shortly after midnight the next day.

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Do you ever watch sport highlights on the Internet?

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  1. I find myself visiting to your internet site simply as you have several intellectual views and you have a few posts like Watch Top Flight Football Highlights for Free , which is really invigorating and suggests you have some thoughts on this. There is no smoke without fire and in that respect there are no remarks without postings.

  2. Yahoo is doing much better than Virgin.
    This was a good move for Yahoo, they have to fight hard to stay important in such a competitive market.

    But still props to Virgin, they are not afraid to try anything. One of the most interesting and innovative companies around.

    1. Virgin really is!
      Just check their internet visibility. Go to Google.com and just search virgin.
      First page is filled with only virgin businesses.
      Virgin airlines, music, trains, holidays, mobile contracts etc.

  3. Yahoo tend to provide people more search resulsts than do as a search engine. To some extent,it is good because if you like shopping then just go to yahoo shopping and no need to google to search for online store.

  4. My brother and father are huge soccer fans (both support UK teams as well), I need to see if they’ve heard of this! I watch sports highlights online if I can’t catch them on Sportscenter. I watched a great fight during an NFL game last night, lol.

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