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Kindle Gets Two Free Game Apps

The bottom of the Amazon Kindle 2
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The Kindle e-book reader is no longer an e-books only device as developers released 2 Kindle-ready games with the help of the Kindle Development Kit (KDK), which was launched earlier this year. The KDK is currently not open to all developers as Amazon prefers to work with selected developers on a limited basis at this present time. This development could be the beginning of hundreds of non-book apps such as productivity tools and games for Kindle users.

The recently developed games are  word puzzles, which are very simple and match its paper-like interface. The first game, Every Word, is a word scramble game where the user is shown 6 or 7 scrambled letters and asked to create as many words as possible from the presented letters. The user is then scored according to how many words are formed. The second game, Shuffled Row, is also a word scramble game that gives the user 60 lettered tiles (similar to Scrabble), which are added to the user’s row one at a time. A new row replaces the old one with a new set of letters whenever the user submits a word.

Mashable is already predicting more games in the form of “clever crossword puzzles, 2 player games, less literary offerings such as puzzle or math games” will be available soon. Although, both games are currently free, it is expected that game developers will receive 70% of revenues when paid games are introduced.

Talking Point

Does having games on e-book readers take something away from the user-experience?

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  1. What about iPad and the other iPad clones coming out? Anyway,thanks for sharing the information on Kindle new game app.

  2. Great post. I am keen to see Sudoko as a pre installed game. I like the word games, but Sudoko is my favorite.

  3. ohh man i have been looking into kindle website and i have never get any thing from

    But what could be the advantage of this game to them ??? Who will play this ??

    Which two application are given to Kindle ?

  4. I have a kindle app on my new tablet. I have used it, but not the actual kindle product. Isn’t the actual kindle in black and white? As far as I knew it what just a odd colorless, featureless, screen that produces words with limited imaging.

  5. I think kindle fire is more attractive, whether it is reading or playing games.
    It offers richer colors, and supports more applications

  6. I choose kindle to be my ebook reader because it’s use e-ink screen technology. I can read ebook for a long time. And with amazon support, i think a lot of people like it

  7. As what I expect, there will be an upgrade on Kindle e-book reader. This will never stay as kindle ebook reader, there will be an innovation for that and study to develop this tool.

  8. The Kindle has changed the face of books forever , that’s a fact. My smart bookshelf is now little more than a storage unit for vases , car keys and photos. However, despite the games on my Kindle Keyboard I’ve just never felt the need. My iPad and Android Phone are always with me anyway ready to deliver a much better gaming experience.

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