Increasing One-Way Backlinks The Proven Way

One of the most important issues when it comes to developing an influential Web site on the Internet is that of increasing backlinks. While there is a general consensus that getting backlinks alone is not enough and that emphasis should be placed on the quality of the backlinks one gets, I would be more worried if my Website did not have any backlink at all. There are several ways to increase your backlinks but when it comes to one-way backlinks there is only one way – the proven way!

google analytic backlinks
Example of Backlink Count on Google Wmaster Tools

Because there are different requirements for businesses, this article will focus more on bloggers and blogging. The goal of every blogger should be to become an authority in his or her chosen niche and one way of measuring where you stand in the blogosphere is by taking note of how many (one-way) backlinks you have. This is a very important factor particularly when it comes to page ranking by search engines such as Google. So then, what is the proven way of increasing one-way backlinks to your blog/Website?

The answer is simple – by focusing on developing quality content. Unfortunately, many bloggers forget that just as in all areas of life, developing a good reputation takes time. As a result, many look for short cuts and carry out practices such as the use of link farms and paying for link-exchanges which more often than not will only provide dodgy links that are of poor quality.

Ultimately, there are two major benefits of concentrating on developing quality contents as follows:

  1. Your readers will keep coming back for more and,
  2. Many (Bloggers and Web administrators) will want to link back to your content or blog without asking you to return the favour.

Talking Point

What has been the most successful way of increasing backlinks to your blog or Website?

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    1. I ready many blogs about back links, but I am starting to become skeptical.

      I’ve paid for back links in the past and nothing.

  1. I have been working on backlinks, too, but I also believe that good content is the key to having a successful website. Give the searcher a reason to stay once they get there. So, my goal in writing about the Canon T2i, for instance, is to tell photographers how great the newest Canon Rebel is.

    1. Thanks for your observation EHD. The example above was actually a screenshot from Google Webmaster Tools, however, you may be able to check backlinks in analytics by using the filter tool??

  2. This is a good tip. I have noticed many people trying to build links to not so great websites and purely focusing on SEO and backlink building. The truth is you need to have a good website to start off with. Many people forget this.

  3. I recently came to the same conclusion. What is the point of spending lots of time and effort trying to get people to visit your blog, if when they get there they find nothing of interest. Hopefully my new strategy of creating useful content will prove to be a winner.

  4. Joseph

    Your quite right of course, developing quality content is the surest way to succeed at blogging, and the only way to get good at developing quality content is practice.

    I must admit I am not that good at it but I believe if I keep trying to write and produce good content I will continue to improve

    Thanks for the good advice

  5. Whenever I am building a niche website for example I always focus on content first, if I dont have good content how can I expect my visitors to come back, to stay, or to click through and make a purchase. After I have built a Quality site, then and only then will I begin to promote it

  6. I totally agree with you. The only way to have authority in your own niche is to provide quality content. Content is the king as they always say. Readers will visit your site over and over again and might even promote your site without asking for return. It will build your reputation and you’ll be known in the blogosphere.

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