How to Get Direct Advertisers for Your Website

videoFinding advertisers is one thing but getting direct advertisers to your blog is a totally different game. While browsing for information on the easiest way to get direct advertisers, I stumbled on this video by Gary Vaynerchuk and would like to share it with you.

Of course, before even considering whether or not you should bid for advertisers, the website in question must have at least some sort of traffic. However, if you have got the right amount of traffic and observe that advertisers are not approaching you yet, there is only one thing to do. Go get them! I know, it sounds easy but in reality it isn’t. This video however, shows a practical example of how to be a little bit more proactive when it comes to attracting or rather, inviting advertisers to do business with you.

Talking Point

Do you have any opinion about making direct contact with potential advertisers or advertising in general?

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  1. The first advantage of selling your own ads is the fact that you will cut the middlemen out, increasing your revenue more advantage of selling direct advertising is that you will have much more control over where and how the ads will be displayed

  2. That was a very dynamic video! Besides having a blog about Government Grants and Grant programs I also have a Working From Home blog and this is just the kind of information that people need to know because the technique and tips that you gave are definitely things that people can do from home to get their at home business started!

  3. The very first benefit of selling your personal advertisements is always that you\\\’ll cut the middle men out, growing your revenue potential.yet another benefit of selling direct advertising is that you may have a lot more treatments for where and just how the advertisements is going to be displayed.

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