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Facebook Scam Alert: “Official Dislike Button” Is A Virus!!!

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Facebook users are being warned not to fall prey to the ‘dislike’ scam virus. The scam offers users a chance to install “the official dislike button” but instead installs a malicious application that will access their profile page and then post spam messages. The malware also tries to make users complete an online survey that pays money to its creators.

The program works by prompting users to download the scam software, with the message: Download the official DISLIKE button now.” If a user accepts the offer, the  virus application will be installed and automatically updates the user’s page with a link and message that reads:  “I just got the dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol!!!”

Security experts believes that this is the latest scam in a series of “survey scams” that are plaguing the Internet today. A good example is a so-called shocking video that ‘shows’ an anacoda vomiting a hippo. In many cases, these type of scam (videos) are made to look like they are from a genuine Facebook friend, so that they can be recommended to many more unsuspecting users.

This should serve as a reminder to Facebook users not to install unknown or suspicious applications even if they appear to be from genuine Friends or legitimate companies. Users can also report any suspicious programs or activity to Facebook, as the organisation has a policy of removing any malicious application or links from its Website.

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Have you ever been a victim of a Facebook scam?

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  1. This scam was really terrible.. for me, privacy and security is very much important and to this type of scam, i don’t think if our personal and private data will still be secured.. There are people who are using this scam just to invade our privacy and in that case, we must aware of that..

  2. Maybe the bottomline in this blog is that we need to be aware of those plugins that we are going to install in our site. Maybe sometimes there are plugins that are scams like this “dislike button” thanks for the blog and advice. We are already aware of those things because of this blog.

  3. It was definitely one of those things that were too good to be true. I’m really glad I never clicked on the link though, because I would have to worry with how secure my personal information was. Was there any large amounts of damage done by it?

  4. No i haven’t. I never installed Facebook scam. I guess the creator of this virus is an internet marketer who want to optimize their site. It’s shame though that they are doing it inappropriately.

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