Android Selling 200,000 Devices A Day

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Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, says that his organisation believes that about 200,000 new Android smartphones are being sold every day. The unexpected success of Android has resulted in an increase in mobile search traffic which translates to significant revenue for Google, as more and more people have phones that are capable of doing a lot of Web searches. Speaking at the first Techonomy Conference, Schmidt added that “people are finally beginning to figure out how successful Android is” and perhaps this explains why so many of the phones are being sold.

This success story marks a significant improvement for Android, which was selling around 100,000 devices a day about 2 months ago. Recent studies show that the growth rate of the mobile operating system is now such that it even exceeds that of the iPhone. However, although it is not known how long the remarkable growth will continue, Schmidt says the recent success achieved by Android is not a threat to the Google’s Chrome operating system, which, when released, will target a totally different market i.e. “early believers in cloud-based storage”.

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Are Android smartphones better than the iPhone?

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  1. Android’s impressive success in sales numbers are driven largely by marketing and device proliferation in the marketplace. In the not too distant future I think it’ll be hard to find a non-Android phone. RIM is struggling to find its feet and iPhone it too locked down.

  2. NOOOOOO!!! Apple you better step it up and defeat this evil. I can’t stand android phones, they’re nothing but copiers. When Apple lets the iPhone be on more networks more people will get it over the stupid Android with it’s crappy market place.

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  3. I wanted to just simply say that I love your articles. I typically visit pretty early in the morning to check out what’s new and I’m usually not disappointed. Thanks again- I really appreciate what you’re doing!

  4. Almost a year later, and it looks as though it’s gone from 200,000 a day to 500,000 a day. It’s only a matter of time before Apple’s proprietary nonsense is nothing more than a distant memory.

    Oh, and to answer your question… Yes, Android phones are way better than iPhones (even the white ones). 🙂

  5. @Jane – I disagree, iPhones are much better than Android, and not just aesthetically. They’ve got a bigger choice of apps, more intuitive operating system and just work, unlike a lot of the Android phones I’ve tried.

    All I’ll say is, when you go from a Blackberry to an iPhone, there’s just no comparison. The iPhone wins every time.

  6. In my opinion, i would say iphone is way better than android phones. Now, iPhone optimizes iPhone’s OS to conserve battery life and it really does show. Also, the browsers consistency is much better than androids. If you have the chance to use both gadgets, you’ll see what i mean.

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