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iPad-like Device to Sell For $35 in India

cheap india laptopThe prototype of a iPad look-alike touch-screen laptop device has been revealed in India. The device is targeted at students and will support Web browsing, video conferencing and word processing. The Indian government now hopes to find a manufacturer for the gadget which it says will sell for $35 (£23) from next year.

A closer look at the iPad-like laptop computer shows that in a similar fashion to mobile phones, it uses a memory card instead of a hard disk and is reported to have the ability to run on solar power. Furthermore, the device runs on the Linux operating system. While some doubt if the device will eventually come to fruition particularly seeing that a similar project came to nothing in the past, if successful the device might give Apple’s iPad a run for its money, particularly in India. There are already reports of interest by various global manufacturers although no deals have been finalised yet.

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Would you buy a $35 touch-screen tablet or laptop device?

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    1. Recently, a friend bought a Dell laptop replacement charger directly from Dell and it was “Made in China”. Someone else bought a similar looking battery Dell charger from ebay at a much reduced price and it was also “Made in China” too!

  1. This is so informative post its really so much usefull to me,
    I am really thankful to you guys for sharing this information with us….will be looking forward to more of those!

  2. For $35? Why not? Well, actually I might have to reconsider. I may be able to do some basic work on it, the same basic things that I’m gonna be able to do with the iPad. However, I think what you’re really purchasing with the iPad are the apps. They’re apps are like no other. That’s why even though they’re much more expensive, I think it’s worth every penny.

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