EBay Receives Boost From PayPal

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The popular online auction and shopping Website, eBay, has announced that its recent quarter profits has risen by up to 26% thanks to a boost from the electronic commerce Web platform, Paypal. eBay reports that the net profits of 412.2 dollars was in large parts as a result of PayPal’s delivery of a record-high performance.

This is positive news for PayPal, which is becoming stronger and more popular for making Internet transactions. There is also some good news being reported for the “Bill Me Later” service, acquired by PayPal in 2008, which extends credit to medium or large merchants buying stuff online.

While the strong overall performances are being recorded in Europe, the chief executive, John Donahoe maintains that significant changes and improvements are still required in the United States where competition seems to be more rife. However, the relationship between PayPal and eBay appears to be growing stronger and continues to make progress.

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Do you trust and use PayPal to make online transactions?

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  1. I think eBay is a very strange company. They seem to be going out of their way to piss sellers off and they also seem to think they are invisible. It would be good to have stronger competition for them so that they would provide a better service and such like.

  2. In my opinion e-bay is much too large without a serious competitor. PayPal on the other side is great, easy to use and safe enough. e-Bay has a lot of issues but sometimes is the fastest choice.

  3. Ebay is one of the biggest electronic commerce in the World Wide Web. and as what i thought, they monopolized the e-commerce business in the Web.. that’s maybe because they doing well and they are proving that they really deserves it.

  4. Paypal makes everything so safe and reliable. I have never heard anyone ever say, be careful about using paypal. I had an issue once on Ebay where someone didn’t send the item i bought and they took the money from them and gave it back to me! It did take a bit of time though.

  5. This is a good move for paypal since ebay is the leading e commerce site. It would increase their members which means more money for paypal. Still, Paypal is one reliable and secured money transmitter online.

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