How to Find An Excellent Web Host

web hostFinding an excellent Web host to display your Web pages could be difficult sometimes particularly because of the large number of Web hosting providers available in the market today. While there are many factors that need to be considered before finally making a choice, it is also necessary to ensure that you do not rush into decision making or pressured into striking a deal that you are likely to regret in future. The following points should therefore serve as a guide to anyone searching for a reliable host.

Special Offers

Although the cost of hosting a Website differs from one provider to another and while there are so many cheap options available, it is worth pointing out that there is not very much difference between the overall hosting price charged by many excellent host. As a result, it may be difficult to choose a host based on price alone. However, finding good deals and special hosting discounts from quality Web hosts may just make it easier to make up your mind.

Package Features

This refers to what you get in exchange for the price you paid. A quality hosting provider will make use of the latest technology and implement it in a simple and easy-to-use fashion. There is no point in paying for a service that you cannot work with. I have seen this so many times when a client pays so much for hosting without the developers consent and then finds out that the platform and interface are almost totally unworkable.


A cPanel is a Web hosting control panel that consist of various graphical Web management tools for tasks such as adding/ removing email accounts, file management, administering SQL databases, online HTML editors and templates. As far as I know, an excellent Web host should provide easy Web management tools therefore a cPanel is a must have.

Unlimited Space

Always look out for unlimited SQL databases, Subdomains, FTP accounts, Bandwith Email accounts, Mailing lists and so on although many Web administrators (including myself) have found out that this is not always very practical in certain cases which I will discuss in other articles. This is particularly useful for scalability purposes.

Customer Support

This is a very important factor to consider particularly because you will need technical assistance from time to time. Although many Web host have 24hours telephone line service, some of them are quite expensive and you might be put on hold for a long time before actually speaking to an agent depending on how busy they are. To get around this, always look for hosts that have a 24 hours chat line where you can discuss various issues bothering on Account, Billing, Sales or Technical matters.

Windows or Linux

When it comes to choosing between a Windows or Linux hosting platform, particular requirements will have to be considered. Watch this space for more on this Windows and Linux hosting platforms.

Talking Point

What factors influenced choosing your current Web host and what is the single most important point that new Web administrators should look out for when finding an excellent host?

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  1. That is what I need, a 24 hour customer chat online so that my inquiries should be address quickly and problems solved easily. Hosting a website might take time but with that 24 hour chatting online it can only last for a days.

  2. I think when it come to server issue, Linux is the best and cheaper t window server. Moreover, 99.9% up time can be guarantee in Linux server.

  3. I don’t believe in unlimited space, there is nothing that is not limited. Unlimited Space can lead to over hosting, and when a server is over host, yo know what will happen. All web hosting companies are the business to make money…

  4. I work with CPanel and it is pretty easy to use. Has some really good features too. GoDaddy is a decent budget hosting solution with support that answers the phone pretty quickly. Don’t expect them to be able to help you though. Pretty much just an answering service. Fatcow is completely useless. The techs seem to be more knowledgeable than Godaddys but the service is terrible. Email issues, downtime issues, don’t use fatcow.

  5. Thanks for sharing this article. There are so many hosting providers available at the moment and choosing the right one can become difficult. The things which you have mentioned should help the users in finding the right web hosting company.

  6. Well, as far as I am concern, I would host my website to a cheap, reliable with a good uptime server. Just like what i have done to my poetry site. Most of my friends from Hilongos who happened to be a Web host enthusiast they prefer to have their site hosted in an apache server than MS one.

  7. Excellent post. Some of these tips I tell people each time they come to me begging for a new web host. One thing I’d change is the “Unlimited Space” section. “Unlimited” isn’t unlimited with web hosts.

  8. I think there is no surefire method to find the perfect service provider. However, there are definitely some ways that could enable you to select one that meets your requirements. You have outlined some of the critical points in deciding on a web host. Customer support, for me, is very important. It’s imperative that you are comfortable with your selected hosting service provider, meaning that you can contact them anytime with any issue.

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