Microsoft Unleash “Fix it” for XP and Vista

microsoft fix itMicrosoft has released the “Fix It” software program for its Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Fix It uses the auto-diagnostics system, similar to that in Windows 7, to monitor a PC, anticipate the potential effect of security updates before installation and automatically repair common faults. In addition, the program creates automatic solutions to common software problems by providing a way to apply fixes, workarounds, or configuration changes so that users do not have to perform a long list of manual steps by themselves.

The program is free and currently available as a trial or beta version from Microsoft’s support pages. Once installed, it receives updates about current issues (including about 300 common Windows-associated faults) with the operating system or any connected devices and scans the machine regularly. By scanning your PC and devices, Fix It is able to detect which hardware or software runs on your ocmputer and provides a personalised service by notifying users of available fixes before attempting to install them. This will ensure that your PC runs smoothly and most issues will be resolved before they become real problems.

Download Microsoft Fix It

Talking Point

How effective do you think the “Fix It” program will be for other Windows OS users?

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  1. thankyou very much, i will install this after downloading. To bad i use win7 now, my old pc will do fine with this though.

  2. Its a great effort to improve the performance of XP and Vista. normally if OS missed anything then we need to repair the OS via CD/DVD. It will really save our time to fix and repair the problems.

  3. Its nice to hear that Microsoft release the new software to fix the problems in windows XP and Vista. Normally we have to repair the operating system and have to much wait for it because it takes much time to repair.

  4. Well, so far Microsoft has been very successful with their ‘fix it’ programs, updates, and patches. However for us consumers, I don’t think it’s fair for us to go all through that. But there’s really no other choice, is there?

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