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synchrobloggingPrior to hosting my first blog carnival, I did a little bit of research and stumbled on a variant of such blogging events called Synchronised Blogging. I decided to explore this topic as I wanted to take advantage of as many opportunities of promoting my blog as possible and this is what I have learnt so far.

A synchronised blog or synchroblog, is a collection of similar articles or posts made by a group of bloggers who have agreed to blog on the same topic, on the same day and usually at the same time. The interesting thing about synchroblogging is that it emphasises networking and association with other bloggers in the same or similar niche. Usually, each blogger is aware of this arrangement beforehand and the titles are circulated somewhere between two weeks and a day in advance.

Although the motivation for organising a synchroblog differs from one synchroblogger to another, I found the following types of synchro-blogs particularly interesting.

Types of Synchroblogs

Controversial Synchroblogs

Synchroblogs that fall into this category are those that are used as a way of addressing controversial issues by encouraging open discussions on sensitive issues among participating bloggers and their readers. For example, a synchroblog on homosexuality, immigration, religion or race-relations.

Expert Synchroblogs

This synchroblogs are used as an avenue for brain-storming on technical or advanced topic such as the next big mobile-phone technology which could possibly lead to some sort of discovery or innovation.

Student Synchroblogs

Student synchroblogs include a collection of student bloggers, who have been brought together by their University, program of Study or location, to discuss various topics ranging from student life to employment issues.


Overall, synchroblogging is a really good way for bloggers to broaden their horizon, start conversations, generate ideas, learn more from and challenge one another. Furthermore, it is also a good avenue for the famous ‘link-juice’ as each blogger has to link to other participating blogs in the synchroblogging event. While it might seem like having to do an homework, it is not mandatory and having not to think of a topic could as well be a relief to some of the participants.

Finally, you do not need to have an extremely large followership to host a synchroblogging event or take part in one. However, you can actually start building your own network by starting a synchroblog and publishing an announcement on your blog. A typical synchroblog announcement will have a title, the proposed date of publishing, an introduction, description and requirements for participants. You never know, this might just be the key for you to gain more insights on your blog, attract more readers, create a better network with other bloggers and generate more comments.

Talking Point

Have you ever participated in a synchroblog event? Please share your experience with other readers.

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  1. Just linking to other posts is based on the presumption that you already know the participating bloggers. However, in most cases it is not so. Think of synchroblogging as a way of actually getting to know and interact with bloggers you may not meet otherwise. If they find your announcement interesting and agree to participate, yes, they will also link to you. And as more and more bloggers participate in future, so also will the number of blogs that link to you thus making it increasingly beneficial from an SEO point of view.

  2. I believe I already seen some of the bloggers doing it. For me as a blogger is a challenge to be part of synchronized blogger as you learn from blog information of the other or they learn from you.

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