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Should You Be Learning ASP.Net?

aspdotnetAlthough we talk about Web sites as if they are single cohesive applications, in reality, a Web site is a collection of individual files using several different file extensions. These files can be divided into two broad groups: client-side and server-side. In the client-server model, the server manages and supplies the files that constitute a Web site and sends information to the clients or visitors to the Web site. Client-side files are those which the client’s browser can open and display, such as HTML pages.

Client-side files are often referred to as static. They are basically documents sitting on a server, just like Word or Excel documents sitting on someone’s PC. When the client requests a document of this type, the server sends the file to the client and there the matter ends. It is up to the client to digest the contents of the document and display the content in the browser window.

By contrast, server-side files contain code which needs to be executed on the server in order to generate the content which will be sent to the client. This code can be written in any one of several different languages, of which ASP.NET and PHP are the two most popular.

You do not need any programming experience to begin ASP.NET development. However, you do need to know the basics of Web development. You need to have a good grasp of how HTML and CSS work to create Web pages. There is no point in attending an ASP.NET training course if you are still shaky about the elements which make up a basic Web page.

ASP.NET is a development environment which allows you to enhance your web pages by adding sophisticated interactivity such as the ability to search a database server for elements matching a given set of criteria. And the great news is that you do not have to become an expert programmer overnight in order to start creating ASP.NET applications. Microsoft have developed a couple of software tools which enable you to add quite complex and sophisticated functionality to your Web site using simple visual techniques and a minimum of coding.

Another bonus is that one of these software tools, Visual Web Developer Express Edition, is absolutely free of charge. So, if you have mastered the basics of Web development and are looking to get into server-side development, booking a place on an ASP.NET training or a Web development using ASP.NET class may be just the ticket. There are many top IT trainers out there, for example in London and all over the UK that offer quality ASP.NET training courses that will assist you in achieving your desired goal.

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    1. I totally agree with you Sarah..ASP.Net is an wonderful source to work with..I’m working on some project and very satisfied with its tool and compatibility factors.

  5. I learned VB.NET and C# at Schoolcraft College. They were taught without any prerequisite programming languages. People like me who already knew a programming language had an easier time than the absolute newbies.

  6. Hey Sarah,
    You’re so right, is an interesting and challenging set of web development tools and the earlier we learn it the better for us. Microsoft’s Internet Information Services web server is the most common platform for websites.

  7. is good for web development but generally people prefer php scripting language because that is platform independent

  8. I’m learning PHP right now and I love it … It’s just fun I think … but how long would it take me to learn ASP.NET if I already know PHP and C++ ??? How long would it take if I learn ASP.NET every day considering that I already know C++ and PHP ?Thanks a lot !!!

  9. Well Asp. net should take around a month or so , if you spend an hour everyday and will be perfect at by the end of the month

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