Twitter Strikes Key Partnership with Yahoo!

yahooIt is no longer news that Twitter has changed the way Internet users interact with social networks today. The micro-blogging site, which now boasts of several million users, announced a key partnership deal with Yahoo! on Wednesday (24 February). The plan will see Tweeter share real-time tweets with the 600 million worldwide Yahoo! users as both Web giants share their contents.

Consequently, Yahoo! users will now to be able to access their Twitter feeds and share updates on the Yahoo! networks which include Yahoo! Homepage, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Search thus making it easier to tweet or check on a user’s Twitter followers. In addition, people will also be able to change their Twitter status and share content from wherever they feel comfortable within the Yahoo network. These actions will be aided by specially integrated Twitter clients.

This latest move by Yahoo! could be interpreted as a response to Google’s recent launch of its own social-networking site, Google Buzz, as  more established Internet giants become increasingly attracted to social media.

Talking Point

Will this Yahoo-Twitter venture lead to several other partnerships of a similar nature, for example, Google and MySpace or Facebook etc? Some users of Buzz are already complaining that although an interesting project, it is not particularly useful unless users can connect to other networks.

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  2. A bold move from yahoo, in my opinion. It can go really well, or hurt Yahoo’s reputation if it goes wrong.
    What will happen is going to be really interesting. See realtime updates on yahoo messenger, perhaps?

    1. Haha, that’s an interesting thought. However, I don’t really see much going wrong to be honest. In a way Twitter might benefit more in terms of increasing its popularity esp. if it makes more Yahoo users consider signing up with Twitter.

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  6. Frankly, I don’t see the value of twitter. I read one market research report that revealed that nearly half of all tweets was “pointless babble.” Only 9% had “pass-along value.” Perhaps only 4% was “news.” Okay, I’m a senior citizen, but I get Instant Messaging. I get MySpace, FaceBook and Friendster. Heck, I even get an occasional rap song, if the beat and melody are just right. But this SMS for the internet seems a bit too thinly clever — a bit too much fad and flash in the pan, for my tastes. Maybe there’s a Zen side to this. Anyone care to Enlighten me?

    1. I guess like other online applications you will notice that user experiences differ, however, everyone agrees that social media is becoming more popular and many would like to take advantage of it. Twitter understands this and appear to be keen on widening the experience by making it possible to tweet from other platforms such as mobile devices through integration. As a result, tweeting will no longer limited to personal computers or fixed devices.

  7. Well, as We know Social media describes websites that allow users to share content, media, etc. Common examples are the popular social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, etc.So Twitter Strikes Key Partnership with Yahoo!may be good step for both of them

  8. Since then, business relation has become even more stronger between Twitter and Yahoo. Twitter has announced a partnership with Yahoo Japan, looks like the twitter userbase in Japan is going to become even more huge.

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