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Facebook Tops UK Mobile Internet Use and Marks 6th Anniversary with New Homepage

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According to latest figures released by the GSM Association GSMA), Facebook (the largest social network on the Web) dominates mobile use in the United Kingdom. Mobile phone users spend nearly half of their time going online with around 2.2.bn minutes spent browsing Facebook in December alone.

While the figures may be higher as data was only collected from three of the five UK networks, over 16 million people in the UK used the internet from their mobile phones in December 2009. Together, they viewed a total of 6.7bn pages and spent over 4.8bn minutes (60 million hours) online in the same period.

Facebook, however, topped the ranking with the most unique visitors (5 million), the most number of pages viewed (2.6 million) and the most time spent on any site.

Other sites in the top ten according to GSMA/Comscore (which accounted for 70% of usage) are listed below.

  1. Facebook; 2.2bn minutes
  2. Google sites (4.57 unique visitors); 395m minutes
  3. Microsoft sites; 165m minutes
  4. Orange sites;138m minutes
  5. AOL (and Bebo); 106m minutes
  6. Apple; 104m minutes
  7. Vodafone; 89m minutes
  8. BBC sites; 83m minutes
  9. Flirtomatic; 54m minutes
  10. Yahoo sites; 48m minutes

This news comes as Facebook is set to release a new and simpler homepage design which focuses more on chat and search in order to celebrate its 6th anniversary and 400 million users.

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