Top 10 Confusing Technology Jargon

In this age of technological advancements, many of us still find computer jargon confusing. I find the above statement quite acceptable for those of us who are not technology savvy but what is more surprising is the number of computer-literate people and experts who also fall into this category.

A recent survey in Britain, by the Gadget Helpline, found that most members of the British public find words such as WAP, dongle and cookie most difficult to understand. Following this research, the firm has a word of advice for advertisers and customer-focused organisations who resort to jargon in their communication: “please use plain language that people understand” so as to make life easier for everybody. Like in most things, the fact that you know what you are talking about does not mean everyone will understand.

Below is the Top 10 list of technology jargon people find most confusing.

1. Dongle

2. Cookie

3. WAP

4. Phone jack

5. Nokia Navi Key

6. Time shifting

7. Digital TV

8. Ethernet

9. PC Suite

10. Desktop

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  1. Very interesting article most people even some so called computer expert still fail to explain the computer jagons used to computer users or non expert, we are all rap up in this jagons .

  2. Oli :

    I never heard of Navi Key. I guess I can check it up on Wikipedia. Wait, is Wiki part of the list as well?

    the last time I checked Wiki wasn’t one of the top ten..number 11? Maybe…lol

  3. Very interesting post.I have a lot of new things i heard, “Nokia Navi Key”,”Phone jack”,”Time shifting”,these are all new to me. Your really right I’m confused even if i always searching for the latest,i conclude that I’m not that updated.I’ll still keep on updating.Well thanks for this very informative article.Keep up the good work.

  4. I think the Navi word means Navigation.. Correct me if I’m wrong though..

    Some of the words are new to me.. Thanks for this new informative post,..

    If you have any new words to share, do keep me updated.. thanks..

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