The Proliferation of Laptop Computers

Last Update: September, 2017

On a recent visit to a local “buy and sell store” a few weeks ago, I went in search of a bargain for an old desktop computer which I wanted to exchange for some instant cash. However, I was in for a surprise as my computer was rejected and the store manager informed me that desktop PCs were no longer in vogue at the store because their customers are only interested in laptop computers. I was obviously gutted but had no complaints as the store had actually been struggling to sell four other PCs that were more recent and in better working condition than mine.

These days we observe that laptops are actually selling more than ‘the good old’ desktop computers. Most people either have one or want to have one. Walking on the high street today does not make this choice any easier because we are bombarded with all kinds of offers from mobile phone companies and electronic stores such as – “Buy one and get a laptop free!” How good is that?! Unfortunately, a visit to an ex-colleague’s computer repair shop which had its shelves loaded with stacks of broken laptops reminded me that not every shiny thing is gold.

While laptop computers are portable and easier to move around, they are not without their disadvantages. A laptop computer is significantly more expensive for comparable speed and capacity and does not have as much power as a desktop computer. Furthermore, they are less expandable and are usually quite difficult to upgrade. They are often besieged by heating problems and generally have a shorter lifespan as they are more prone to failure than their desktop counterparts. Most laptops would therefore usually last for between two and three years before a possibly irreparable damage occurs. Although I would personally go for a desktop computer 3 out of 4 times, my advice to anyone who cannot make up their mind is not just to go with the trend but carefully consider their needs. So therefore if you answer ‘Yes’ to all the following questions, the obvious choice for you should be a desktop computer;

  • Will you be working with graphics, multimedia and playing lots of action games?
  • Would you like to upgrade your computer regularly?
  • Do you spend long hours on the computer?
  • Are they more than one or two users?
  • Do you have a limited budget?
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  1. Yes, I agree with the point that laptop is portable but I prefer working on a is way more comfortable.I am using the Lenovo ThinkStation C20 which is a Windows 7-based workstation and the system’s speed and serviceability make it a great choice.

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