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Yippee! Wi-Fi Direct To Make Wi-Fi Devices Connect Anywhere and Anytime

Change is the only constant factor. It is not years anymore but every minute is offering us new changes and innovations. 2014 is no exception. The world of Wi-Fi has something great ...
wireless wifi

Evaluating the Causes of Weak Wi-Fi Signal and Ways to Overcome Them

There was a time when computers had to be connected to phones via cable for internet services. Wireless technology has ended those days when accessing the web means sticking to a place. ...

Handy Wi-Fi Applications That You May Consider

The popularity of wireless communication is increasing because of low maintenance as well as user-friendly features. Like other modern technologies, there are multiple utilities that ...

Use Wi-Fi Enabled Memory Cards to Transfer Images and Videos Wirelessly

Do you wish to share a picture on Facebook but have to wait till you get home and use your SD card to share your photos? Well, this New Year has some good news in store for you. With ...

How To Protect Your Wi-Fi Spot From Unwanted Intruders

People getting in and using your Wi-Fi connection is not as common as it used to be, but it is still worth protecting yourself from it. The trouble arises when other people use your ...
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