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tablet vs laptop

Choosing Between Tablets and Laptops

Doing business always concerns going to an office every morning and sitting on a desk all day. That was the old concept of doing business. Today, because of the advancements in technology, ...

Four ‘Old’ Technologies You Should Still Be Using

New technology is great. Who doesn’t love a new phone, tables and Internet application that allows you to get work done more efficiently (and that allow you to play a game or two ...
online backup

Choosing The Right Online Backup Company For You

Did you know that World Backup Day takes place on 31 March each year? Presumably, this date is deliberately chosen as it falls just before April Fool’s Day and you would be very foolish ...

How To Completely Remove From Your Computer and Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome Browser

I’m not even sure how this program called was installed on my computer in the first instance. Some say it might have come from a Java update but wherever it came from ...
slow internet connection

6 Easy Tips To Speed Up Internet Browsing

In today’s fast paced world, every second counts. Slow internet connection can be frustrating. While there are likely to be several high speed broadband connections available to you, ...
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