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Differences in Privacy Laws Between the US and EU

While the US and the EU may enjoy good international relations, there are some notable differences in privacy laws between the two superpowers.  To help you gain a better understanding ...

Why Nexus 4 Is Better Than iPhone 5

The Google’s latest Android phones Nexus 4 definitely have several advantages over the iPhone 5. To start with it has numerous software and hardware features that aren’t ...

High-Tech Gadgets the Police Have and You Don’t

Your local police department has so many high-tech gadgets to help them solve crimes that if you ever saw them all, you might become convinced that Batman was in charge of their development. ...

Only In America Can BINGO Be Penalized?

Ever since Adam and Eve left Eden, bingo has always been a fascination to most of Americans. Bingo is a game of chanceplayed with randomly drawn numbers which players match against ...

Fight Internet Censorship! Do You Dare To Go Black?

Do you have the courage to stay off the Internet for just one day – a mere 24-hours? If so, you’ll be joining one of the most important websites and voices on the World ...
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