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2 factor authentication

How To Set Up 2-Factor Authentication On Twitter and Potential Problems

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a concept which involves taking your current level of security on Twitter, which is your password, and adding another layer on top of that. It’s ...
social media anxiety

Young People and Social Media: Is There Anything for Parents to Worry About?

What is the most important thing after the internet that has been introduced in the field of information and technology? The answer should be, beyond doubt, social media. It has changed ...

Using Social Media & Live Support Software To Handle Customers Complaints

The new online world is set up for convenience. Customers the world over have always demanded convenience. Neglecting the worlds of social media and live support software for your customer ...
social media changes

Looking For Work: How Social Media Is Changing Everything

Social media is one of those rare inventions that appears to have changed the world almost literally over night. Not even a decade ago, the very idea that we would all be so flippant ...

Social Media Profiles That Help Build Your Reputation

A social media profile is the most direct means of introducing yourself to the Internet and its myriad online communities. It’s your business card, your handshake, your best outfit, ...
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