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Latest Small Business Technology Trends for 2015

With 2015 having just started, some would say it is way too early to make predictions as to where things are heading in terms of technology trends that will govern the business environment. ...

3 Exciting Technology Innovations That Are Tipped to Set the Industry On Fire in 2015

From Watches to Windows, Here’s What We’re Looking Forward to This Year Technology is growing ever more useful and exciting, so what kind of exciting developments can we ...

Setting Up Your Own Sound System for a Party at Home

With pubs and clubs charging ever increasing prices, it’s not surprising that so many people are keen on holding house parties instead. To make sure the event is successful though, ...
business idea

5 Key Lessons To Turn Your Tech Idea Into A Business

If you are a techie who wants to turn your high-tech idea into a business, it’s a good thing to remember the battle of the electric current between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. ...
hdmi extender

When and How to Use An HDMI Extender

As HDMI standard has matured and become part of the common home and business entertainment installations people have begun to ask how to make the most of their expensive equipment. ...
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