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A 3D model of a complex anaplastology case, created in collaboration with the anaplastologist Cubber, is seen at Materialise in Leuven

Sci-fi Goggles For Cancer Surgeons – Technology At Its Best

Technology, as we know, is continuously advancing in leaps and bounds. But putting it to use in the health world can be a challenge, particularly when the risks involved in health can ...

Who Said Playing A Mobile Gaming App Was All Bad?

According a study published in the Clinical Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, gaming for 25 minutes on a science-based app can reduce anxiety ...
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8 Mind-blowing PC Apps That Every Music Lover Will Die For

There are millions of music lovers in the world. Just like writing, it has been used as a creative way of expressing oneself. Listening to music is commonly a shared favorite pastime ...

5 Existing and Emerging Technology Trends That Will Rule 2014

Year 2013 turned out to be great for tech freaks. Ranging from social media sites to Google Plus and Pinterest to products like Google Glass and smart watches, every now and then there ...

Registering A Domain Name

Those thinking about starting up a website for the first time should begin by coming up with a domain name that is not currently in use. After all this is the first step that will need ...
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