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IT Process Automation: Why It’s Important and How to Go About It

Licence Credits: Wes Schaeffer, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) IT process automation (ITPA) is often better known as business process automation (BPA) and is essentially a strategy ...
Online shopping concept.

Shopping 2.0: 3D Clothes and Virtual Fitting

Clothing sector leads the Ecommerce boom… Expectations about ecommerce are really optimistic: eMarketer forecasts a 20% rise in 2014 and expects the 2013 ecommerce sales to double ...
cloud computing power

Everything as a Service: 7 New Service Types in the Cloud

Remember when cloud computing first appeared, there were only three delivery models and easily represented as a pyramid, which you’ve probably seen repeatedly. At the top of the ...
home entertainment system

4 Tech Upgrades for Your Home Entertainment System

Technology has made a lot of aspects of our lives easier and more convenient, but we often forget how fun technology can be as well. You can use new advancements in technology to entertain ...

Waterproof MP3 Player Features Personalized Workouts

In June, U.K.-based FX-Sport, a wearable tech start-up, is launching a Kickstarter fundraiser to perfect its waterproof mp3 player and headphones set dubbed the “VR2″. The ...
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