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Sony Jumps Into Marketing Pitfall With Its SmartEyeGlass

Some time ago, Google Glass was introduced with a huge marketing buzz. But the device itself – despite being so stylish – was met with a not-so-welcoming embrace from the ...

Sony Xperia Z3: Price in India, Features and Specification

The Indian premium smartphone market is full of many able handsets, among which Sony has quite some very well selling models including the sleek, stylish and sturdy Xperia Z series. ...

Mobile Gaming Causes Concerns for Sony and Nintendo

With the recent release of Apple’s iOS7 updates and ever advancing gaming experiences on smartphone and tablet devices, handheld gaming offerings from companies such as Sony and Nintendo ...
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5 Ways The PS4 Will Rock Your World

The gaming world is about to enter a whole new frontier with the announcement of the Sony PS4 console set for release later this year. Its slick design was unveiled at Sony’s E3 ...

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

Tablet computer sales are growing as Android tablets muscle in on the iPad, and Sony clearly wants to get a slice of the action. Enter the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, the slimmest tablet ...
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