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social media anxiety

Young People and Social Media: Is There Anything for Parents to Worry About?

What is the most important thing after the internet that has been introduced in the field of information and technology? The answer should be, beyond doubt, social media. It has changed ...

5 Ways Asia Has Major Influence In The American Tech Market

When it comes to the tech world, America used to run the town with renowned companies such as Apple, Google and Yahoo. However, as society progresses, we see a shift in the tech market, ...
social media profiles

5 Steps To Manage Your Social Media Profiles

How many social media profiles does your business have? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn are just a few. If you’re active on social websites, you could have over ...
New Facebook Timeline

Facebook’s New Look In Video & Pictures

Following the unveiling of the first major redesign of Facebook’s Newsfeed (Homepage), we present a video and photo gallery of what users can expect to see once the changes take ...
facebook business page

How Do You Measure The Impact Of Facebook Fan Page In Your Small Business

Just starting up a small business is something of an achievement to any individual. But marketing your small business in a way that awareness is steadily generated, in a consistent ...
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