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Using Business Infographics To Market Your Brand

Business infographics contain useful data presented in a format that makes it easy for your readers to understand the concepts that you want to present to them. More and more organizations ...
2 factor authentication

How To Set Up 2-Factor Authentication On Twitter and Potential Problems

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a concept which involves taking your current level of security on Twitter, which is your password, and adding another layer on top of that. It’s ...

How To Prevent Social Phishing At Workplace

The frequent rise in social phishing campaigns at the workplace is drawing attention to vulnerability of management and staff as well as a need for security best practices. With the ...

How to Drive Returns From Upcoming Pinterest Ads and Other Need to Know Information

New Pinterest ads should look a lot like regular pins only with one minor exception. They will have a small label that reads ‘Promoted Pin,’€ and the ads include an icon ...

The Rising Importance of Privacy and Anonymity in Social Media Platforms

In the past, social networking platforms were a place where users willingly shared all sorts of personal information in public. In the beginning it was all fun and games, but as users ...
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