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Timehop: An Instant Social Media Hit

Have you ever wondered why social media has been littered with lots of throwback posts lately? Well, there’s this certain app called Timehop that’s been really viral in the App ...

How Vine 2.5 Will Be A Game Changer For Brands

There is no doubt that Twitter was right in making the decision to acquire Vine, back in the year 2012. Now this was even before the six seconds video-making app was released , i.e. ...

4 Things You Should Never Share on Social-Networking Sites Like Facebook and Twitter

It’s 2014, and everyone shares everything on social media. While it’s all fun and convenient, it also leads to privacy concerns. Some people have turned away from social media platforms ...

6 Enduring Secrets to Better SEO

Search engine optimization — that process by which you maximize how many visitors come across your web site by making sure your site ranks high on a search engine’s list of results ...
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New Platforms That Help to Increase Your Reach on Social Media

It’s no secret that Facebook is more of a place to share content than create it. With limits on word count and customization, writing an article on Facebook is a hassle. Similarly, ...
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