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The Rising Importance of Privacy and Anonymity in Social Media Platforms

In the past, social networking platforms were a place where users willingly shared all sorts of personal information in public. In the beginning it was all fun and games, but as users ...
linkedin security

What We Can Learn from LinkedIn’s New Security Feature

Historically, LinkedIn has been hesitant to add security features to its social network that control who can see a person’€™s profile. This is because the company’s owners ...
social media anxiety

Young People and Social Media: Is There Anything for Parents to Worry About?

What is the most important thing after the internet that has been introduced in the field of information and technology? The answer should be, beyond doubt, social media. It has changed ...
mobile apps

These Social Media Apps Will Revolutionize The Heck Out of Your Business

With the growing traffic on the internet and the social media scene, businesses have no other way but to evolve with the changing times. The internet has opened up a plethora of possibilities ...

Using Social Media & Live Support Software To Handle Customers Complaints

The new online world is set up for convenience. Customers the world over have always demanded convenience. Neglecting the worlds of social media and live support software for your customer ...
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