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Think You Know What People Are Searching For On That Smartphone?

If you’€™ve ever seen two people out to lunch these days, chances are they are sitting there quietly looking down at their cell phones, fingers swiping or pinching away at something ...
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A Quick And Simple Beginner’s Guide To SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the way in which websites are made visible in Search Engines organic rankings. These are unpaid positions ranked solely on how important your website ...
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Best Techniques For Bloggers To Get Higher Page Rank

No matter what others say, page rank is an important factor for your blog’s success. Page rank is a determination of a domain’s relevance in the eyes of Google, world’s most followed ...
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Google Wants To Pre-empt Search Queries Of The Future

A video interview with Google engineer and author, Ray Kurzweil, conducted by SingularityHub, has outlined some key goals that the search giant has for the future of its primary service. ...
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How To Remove Your Name From Google Search Results

The question is that why will you remove your name from Google search results. The answer is for protecting your privacy on the internet. It is a vital issue for any online user. The ...
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