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welcome to the future

Future Smartphone Technologies

3D Printing Imagine if one day you could download your new smartphone. Sounds ridiculous? Let me introduce you to the new technology of 3D printing [YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK]. A 3D printer ...
mobile payments

Hacking Life With Your Mobile Phone

Ever noticed how much you spend on trivial trinkets that only have one purpose?  Think about it.  How much do you spend for air tight containers for cereals, storage units for wrapping ...
interactive touch screen technology

How You Can Benefit From Touch Screen Technology In 2013

Three things are certain in life. Death, taxes, and the continual evolution of technology. Touch screen technology has been around for the past couple of years, and has become an integral ...

Think Twice Before You Buy A Mobile Phone Based On Megapixels

Various factors go into the purchase of a mobile phone. We often look for various functionalities including  video file supports, sturdy body, maximum screen display and the camera’s ...

What Makes Smartphones Stand Out?

From landline to cellular phones, rapidly changing technology has been continuously throwing advanced versions of phones having better features and user friendly applications allowing ...
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