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spareone emergency single aa battery mobile phone

REVEALED: An Emergency Phone That Runs On A Single AA Battery

We’ve all been there. Your phone dies and it just so happens you have to make a call that very minute, but what if you’re miles from the nearest town or a natural disaster has ...

Why The Pace Of Mobile Technology Is Never Going To Slow Down

Mobile technology. It’s changing rapidly, no doubt about it. But is this a temporary surge, or is the pace going to continue? What if I told you it’s going to get even faster? And ...

How To Make Your iPhone Childproof

When there are kids in your home, ensuring their safety is of utmost importance. You want everything to be safe for the young ones, and that includes the toys and gadgets they play ...
welcome to the future

Future Smartphone Technologies

3D Printing Imagine if one day you could download your new smartphone. Sounds ridiculous? Let me introduce you to the new technology of 3D printing [YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK]. A 3D printer ...
mobile payments

Hacking Life With Your Mobile Phone

Ever noticed how much you spend on trivial trinkets that only have one purpose?  Think about it.  How much do you spend for air tight containers for cereals, storage units for wrapping ...
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